Review: The Prophecy – Chris Kuzneski

The Prophecy Chris KuzneskiThis one I got cheap from the Porthcawl RNLI second-hand book section.

And just as well.

I suppose I shouldn’t be too harsh on it, as it didn’t exactly cost me a whole lot, however…it had been on my Amazon ‘Wish List‘, so it could have been a lot worse.It’s a story based around Nostradamus, both the man and his predictions. But that seemed to be pushed a little too much into the background, for my liking. It seemed just a frame-work for what is really a pretty formulaic (the main bad guy is a refined, super-rich, un-scrupulous but well-mannered killer; the good-guys are one black, one white, Special Forces-trained, rich, good-looking, wise-cracking, with rich friends who are experts in the fields our heroes need expertise from, or well-connected friends, still working where they need them to be and who are experts in the other fields they need them to be experts in) story; everything functions as it should, when it should. And everything is consequently un-realistic and detached from reality.

Whilst it’s nowhere near as bad as a Clive Cussler ‘novel’, the problem I had with it was, it read very quickly, the story was rather slight and it generally felt like a knock-off. It felt like his publishers had said:

“Chris! Quick! We need to get a book out fast! What have you got?”

“Well, I’m half way through this one…”

“Right, finish it by the weekend and we’re good”.

One would hope that whatever else he was working on at the time this demand came in, is better than this one.

Well worth the 20p it cost.

You can buy The Prophecy from

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