Early 2011 Reading List

Ok. This is what I’m looking forward to getting stuck into over the next couple of months – or three, depending on how knackered I am when I come home or go to bed…

In no particular order, either of merit or of reading.

The Lucifer Gospel : Paul Christopher

“In the desert of north Africa, Finn Ryan stumbles upon a seventy-year-old plane wreck – and a shocking revelation that threatens to unravel an entire faith.”

All Hell Let Lose : Max Hastings

“This is military history at its most gripping. A veritable tour de force.”

The Thieves of Faith : Richard Doetsch

“A master thief. A priceless treasure. The world’s most heavily guarded fortress – about to be breached.”

Gospel Truths : J. G. Sandom

“How many must die to keep the Church’s most carefully guarded secret of all?”

Gates of Fire : Steven Pressfield

“An epic novel of the battle of Thermopylae.”

Viking 3: King’s Man : Tim Severin

“A tumultuously epic story of valour, treachery and derring-do.”

Britain A.D. : Francis Pryor.

“A quest for Arthur, England and the Anglo-Saxons.”

I have a few on the old iPad2 as well, but I won’t be getting on to them until I’m done with this lot – and this post has taken me long enough (who’d have thought that getting thumbnail pictures of books, to range left to the copy that goes with them, in a stack, would be so difficult impossible?), so that’ll have to wait for another time.

I will, of course, review them as I finish them. Otherwise, catch me on Goodreads.

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