If I only recommend one book on the Vikings, it would be these three

The Hammer and The Cross Robert FergusonThe Hammer and the Cross : Robert Ferguson

Brings the history of the Vikings into the 21st Century.

After many years away, this is the one that got me back into the Vikings with a bang.

The title refers to how the Vikings were actually effectively wiped out by Christianity.

VikingsInAmericaThe Vikings in America : Graeme Davis

I’ve reviewed this one here and on my Goodreads page, I even got a thank you comment from the great man himself!

Great cover as well…

A Brief History of The Vikings Jonathan ClementsA Brief History Of The Vikings : Jonathan Clements

I ordered this one at the same time as I read a couple of other histories and though it might be a little superfluous. It wasn’t. I read it in super fast time and was really impressed by its concise, but thorough examination of the period from a variety of angles.

Obviously, I’m still a beginner in this field, but I’d still say this was one of the best books you can buy on the Vikings.




I’ve been interested in the Vikings since I was young and I live in Denmark these days, though the latter wasn’t because of the former. However, I haven’t yet read a Danish written history on the Vikings. I have read a Danish-written novel set in the Viking period, called Erik den Røde, by Preben Mørkbak. I read it a couple of years ago, when really, my understanding of The Danish language was still in its infancy. I probably read it a bit too early, as I don’t think I got as much as I should out of it. I must have another go, now that I’m a fluent Danish speaker.

All the above (English) books are available on The Book Depository

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