What I'm buying right now

I’ve only ever been sent one book for free, for review. And I’m not saying which one. But it was excellent anyway.

And I’d ordered it off Amazon anyway the week before the author asked me if I’d like a free copy…all very tortuous, but in short – send more!

However, I buy all (but one) of the books I’m reading and reviewing here.

Oh yeah, I did get some off an e-reader programme a friend brought over from the UK last March, but what I mean is, I do this for fun and the love of a good book rather than any reward.

Publishers: Feel free to send more books!

I can be bought.

Back to business, I just pressed the button on another Amazon order (if you order over £25.00, they’ll send to Denmark for free. They do charge Danish VAT (MOMS) at 25%, but they don’t charge P&P if Amazon have them in stock, i.e. if they don’t come through a third party).

Here they are, in no particular order, four in total:

Dirty Little SecretDirty Little SecretJon Stock

I read and reviewed the one of his I got as a Christmas present. I’m not sure why I got #2, instead of #1 in the series, but there you go. Ask my sister.

This is what seems to be the latest, #3, given it’s a hard-back. Looking forward to getting stuck into this one.

Dead Spy RunningDead Spy RunningJon Stock

THIS is #1 in the Marchant series as far as I can tell. I read number two, as I said, but didn’t feel like I’d missed out on anything not having read the first. It just made me absolutely determined to get #1 ASAP. Which is what I’m doing.

The Caspian GatesThe Caspian Gates (Warrior of Rome 4) – Harry Sidebottom

And now for something completely different…I got a hardback version of #5: Wolves of the North, for Christmas. But, of course, hadn’t read #4. I really should sort that Amazon Wish List out before Christmas next year.

So, have to order and read this one, before I can get onto the brand-new Christmas hard-back version of #5. Where a Christmas present costs me money, eh?

The Road to RomeThe Road to Rome (The Forgotten Legion Chronicles 3) – Ben Kane

He may have moved on since The Forgotten Legion, to Hannibal and Spartacus, but here’s where I am with Ben Kane.

I figured I should finish this series off before I got into the others.

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