What are we waiting for? Brothers' Fury.

On Friday of last week, Giles Kristian ‘bestselling author of…etc’, announced on his Facebook page, that the cover for his next in the English Civil War series he’s moved on to after the Raven series, was ready.

I’m thinking that the contents must also be ready…

Called Brothers’ Fury, it continues the story of the Rivers brothers that started so forcefully well in The Bleeding Land.

That’s the good news.

The bad news, if you’re an impatient git like me, is that you’ve got to wait until 23 May before you can get your hands on all those no doubt blood-soaked, hard backed pages…

The good news, is you can order it NOW from Amazon. Like I have done. They too, say it will be out the 23rd May. I’m gonna have to remember, closer to the time, to add a couple of others to the order, as while the cost of a hardback from Amazon.co.uk is minimal to what even the paperback could cost here in Denmark, unless I get an order for over 25-notes together, I’ll get clobbered on delivery charges. They stick on Danish ‘VAT’, but over £25 and I avoid postage costs to Denmark.

*sets reminder on iPhone*

Oh yes, the cover:

Brothers' Fury









Looks pretty groovy, eh?

Still, all GK’s books have had good covers though, you ask me. If I remember rightly, that was the decider when I was looking for a new Viking-themed book to read, all those years ago back in the UK. After working in Advertising for more years than I can, literally, remember, I am at least vaguely aware and have a little experience of how important a cover (for anything) can be.

I follow someone on Twitter (who was kind enough to follow me), who seems to have self-published their book, a historical novel. Which (and I’m not going to narrow it down by saying when/where/what, as they seem a genuinely nice person, not deserving of upsetting), should be, judging from their posting of sentences from it on Twitter, right up my reading alley. However, after looking on Amazon, etc, the cover is so dreadful, so badly and amateurishly done, there is not a cat in you-know-where’s chance of me buying it. I could never concentrate on the otherwise no doubt excellent story without shuddering/thinking about holding that dreadful cover and its dreadfulness putting me off reading the otherwise, probably excellent book. No way. Get a redesign I can bear, that I feel good about having paid money for, that doesn’t look like a mate who thinks they can draw did it, and we’re on. Not until.

Brothers’ Fury says quality, fighting, passion and History. It also continues the feel from the first. It’s got to be individual, but still fit the conventions of the genre. Something some readers do seem to miss in criticising the ‘sameness’ of some books’ covers. It ain’t going to go leaping off the History shelves of WH Smiths (presuming they’re still going?), if it’s got a yellow background with pink, hand-drawn, swirly serif letters, now is it? My wife’d probably buy it. And be disappointed. Which is the point.

Handy how he managed to find an actual photo from the English Civil War tho, eh? Only slightly Instagrammed too. Never a bad thing.

Giles Kristian on Facebook

Giles Kristian on Twitter

Giles Kristian website

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