Bargain! Philip Kerr: If The Dead Rise Not

Whoever said you can’t find a bargain these days?

Who said you can’t find a book bargain in Denmark?

Quite possibly me…but all that’s out the window, look at this!


The important bit of course, well…(in best Monty Python-style) the two important bits are, it’s a hardback, a proper hardback with removable cover and all, by a writer I’ve wanted to read for a while – and it’s 49.95kr!

OK, the three things…

Anyway, 49,95kr is around £5.79 or $9.00, depending upon where in the English-speaking world you are. €6.66, should you find yourself elsewhere in Euro-land.

Not a cheat, not a mis-price or anything like that. The book shop in question is in the centre of Aarhus (I live in Denmark, in case you were in doubt) and is called Vangsgaards Boghus (‘Vangsgaard’s Book House’). They seem to be on-line at That translates as ‘the book seller’.

The shop in Aarhus seems to have a fair selection of English paperbacks – and the odd hardback. But, as the prices for English books here in Denmark, are usually so shocking, I generally don’t bother looking. I do look occasionally, but more in the hope of finding a title I have long looked for, than a more generally available (on Amazon) one at anything near a ‘reasonable’ price. Generally, a mass-market, current (as in, published inside the last 10 years) paperback, will set you/me back around 120kr. That’ll be in the vicinity of £14.00, $21.50. So, I usually look at the spines and covers, without even bothering to look at the sticker on the back covering up the UK price of £4.50 (38.80kr, $7.00). When I saw a writer I’ve thought of buying books by for a good while and a hardback version of one of said writer’s books, I just glanced at the cover for a laugh. Ready to tut audibly at the, quite possibly, three figure price. When I saw just 49.95, I checked the position of the decimal point, checked the back for where no doubt the real price would be hidden and it wasn’t. Then, the customers around me may have noticed a blur as I got to the checkout, whizzed the old card through the machine and got it in a bag before the assistant had the chance to ask her boss “is this right?”

But no, it is right and there were other, mostly paperbacks, at other, mostly very reasonable, prices. My pocket money for February will only stretch so far and I do have several other books ahead of this one in the reading queue, so I will have to pay a further visit later on.

But hey! How good is it to find a book bargain ,eh? Day made, etc.

*The book in question, is ‘If The Dead Rise Not’, by Philip Kerr. It is set in Berlin in 1934 and features his character Bernie Gunther, a homicide detective with the Berlin Police. As you can imagine, 1934 is a hectic period in Germany, so there’s plenty of atmosphere and intrigue and mayhem in store. According to the jacket, Philip Kerr was born in Edinburgh and lives in London and Cornwall. Clearly made a bit of money from his Bernie Gunther series of novels. Looks a nice guy.

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