What else are we looking forward to? Why, it's Hereward III

When I say 'we', of course I mean 'me'.

Book three in James Wilde's 'Hereward' series.

Hereward is, as the book jackets have it: “The last Englishman. The first freedom fighter. The forgotten hero.”

The first 'Hereward' book from James Wilde, was just called 'Hereward'. Which is fair enough. For those of us of a certain age and nationality, quite possibly of the English persuasion, as I said in my review of 'Hereward'; it is almost impossible not to think '…the Wake' after hearing/saying 'Hereward'. But, perhaps to signal this was going to be a different look at the Hereward legend, not that there have been too many others I can well imagine, '…the Wake' was perhaps deliberately absent. It was a title given to him (long) after his death, so I suppose that too is fair enough.

'Hereward' was excellent. A real storming, take no prisoners start to a trilogy (?). From the first paragraphs, I had an image of this wild, relentless warrior character emerging from the snowy mists of ancient England of the 11th Century, I really felt this was an exciting, new, thoroughly believable, well-rounded, detailed and nuanced character. A freshness and verve one doesn't come across every day. A character well worth reading more about.

I wasn't wrong. Far from being the 'difficult second album', the second Hereward, 'Hereward. The Devil's Army', was more of the same – and then some. Much more betterer, as my old Dad often says. My review.

So, apart from some up-dates on having to change titles for an American audience (something I am opposed to, but then again, I'm not an author), what do we know about number three? well, we know it will be called (at least on this side of the pond) 'Hereward. The End of Days' and it's on it's way. Any more? A little. In a Tweet last Friday, James Wilde said thus:

“The script for Hereward End of Days was delivered to my editor before Christmas…only I've just fetched it back to add more to it. But! Still on course for July publication!”

I don't know if this is going to be a trilogy, or if he will continue the Hereward story for as long as it is inspirational – I certainly hope for the latter. Of course, any part three of a series with 'End' in the title will fill me with a sense of foreboding, but fingers crossed. Anyway, we have 'only' until June to wait to find out. I'll try and remember to post an up-date when it's possible to pre-order on Amazon-type places.

I think this Hereward series is going to be seen as a classic in the future.

James Wilde comes from the same region of England as I do and his Twitter identity is named accordingly. He is @manofmercia – well worth a follow or two.



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