Breaking Hereward III news!

So, hot on the heels of my exclusive (that is, if you rule out the author mentioning it on Twitter and the cover appearing on Amazon) news the other day, of Hereward III quite probably being due out/available to order/buy in July…Comes official confirmation. For ‘official confirmation’, read; you can now order it on Amazon.

Hereward TweetJames Wilde posted this on Twitter on Thursday, I think.

(Not really the best way to pretend it’s ‘Breaking News’, eh? “I think…”)

This does at least give us a look at the cover – and it doesn’t disappoint. Looking at that, I feel quite alright about what is going to be inside. Clearly, as a recent film so aptly put it; ‘There will be blood…’

Here’s the cover a bit larger. Looks like more of the same, eh?

That’s a good thing, by the way.

It would be interesting to find out who is playing Hereward on these covers. To get an idea of how/who makes the choices in the book cover process.

Is it an actor? It obviously wouldn’t be good to have a recognisable actor on the front, as it would make you think more of the previous characters the guy has played; ‘that’s him from there. You know, that film where he’s a spaceman!’, rather than ‘Hey! That’s Hereward from the two previous books!’. While I do hope lots and lots of people read – and enjoy – the Hereward books as possible, as I have done, I’m sure being on the covers of James Wilde’s Hereward books, isn’t going to raise type-casting concerns for the chap…

But, is it a friend of the author’s? Or, how much influence does an author actually have in these sort of decisions? I would have thought, as the book publisher is the one putting the money up front initially (I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the arrangement wasn’t a lot like record contracts used to be in the good olde days, where the artist pays the money back out of (hopefully) future earnings) and they (the publisher), knowing the business of what sells, what is appropriate, what is needed, would have the final say. But, how much artistic control does the author have in these decisions? Has an author ever dug their heels in for their ideas and taken a book away from the publisher, because they had a ‘difference of opinion’ over the cover? I see the cover of a book as fulfilling the old cliche; ‘you never get a second chance to make a first impression.’ It’s that simple and that important.

I’ll have to ask Mr Wilde sometime. On Twitter, that is. I don’t want you getting the impression I know him!

Erm, anyway, back to the ‘News’ angle.

You can pre-order Hereward. End of Days on Amazon now. I’m guessing it is probably just the version at the moment. Mainly because I’m pretty sure that the publication date for the first two in the series was later in the USA than the UK, and there did have to be some changes, not least in the title. Not sure why it was deemed necessary, but there you go. The release date seems to be set at 9 – 13 July. You can pre-order it now for £14.99 (128kr, $23.25, €17.40), as I have done, The money will only come out of your account when it is shipped (mainly for my Father, that) and if the price is different on release date (obviously hopefully lower) you pay the price on release date. If you’re in Denmark, as I am, you pay Danish VAT/Sales Tax…but that’ll still be cheaper than getting it down town Aarhus – even when you take into account paying postage to Denmark, as the order is below £25. Unless that bookstore I was in the other day is doing a deal, though I suspect not…but, I’m rambling.

There are several interesting loose ends to be picked up and continued after Hereward. The Devil’s Army. Rivalries to be continued and Normans to be vanquished. At least temporarily, given the larger historical context. But never mind that, I think this is the one I’m most looking forward to (so far) this year.

Go order it now! There’s clearly an upward curve on these Hereward books – the first was great, the second was greater, the third will be great…well, whatever is better than ‘greater’. And hopefully, despite End being in the title, there will be a #4, #5 and so on…I’ll have to ask him.

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