There sure are book bargains to be had out there

Hereward End of DaysI recently ordered the next in James Wilde’s Hereward series, Hereward End Of Days, as a hardback. Up until recently, I only ever bought paperbacks. For no other reason than they were cheaper. That’s changed a little. I just became impatient to read the next in a series. So, when Hereward The Devil’s Army came out just after I was finished with the paperback of Hereward, I decided to throw caution to the wind (!) and get the hardback. Subsequently, for one reason or another, mostly impatience, I have ordered hardbacks from Amazon where necessary.

(I have gone through why I need to order books from Amazon. I live in Denmark. English books are both hard to come by and very expensive. If I place an order with, which qualifies for Super Saver delivery and comes in at over £25.00, I can get cheaper books delivered to my door for free)

So, I came to think, Hereward The Devil’s Army and End of Days sure will look good on the shelf in all their hardback goodness, but they would look even better if Hereward was also hardback. But I’m a bit late to get the hardback on Amazon – as a quick glance showed – so, what to do? Well, I Googled (Yahoo!-ed, actually) ‘Hereward Hardback James Wilde’ and came up with Waterstones Marketplace. This seems to be a bit like clicking on Amazon’s ‘other buying options’, where you can buy a book secondhand, where available. Anyway, there was a hardback copy of Hereward available, a couple in fact. The various companies generally will describe what kind of condition the book is in, so I chose the one in the best condition.

The price? £0.60p. That’s 5kr, $0.90. Generally, what is considered in many countries to be a bargain, I think you’ll agree.

Then there’s postage and packing. Though as the book was only 5kr, what does it matter how much p&p is?! Well, postage and packing was only £4.00-ish. The whole lot, to the door, came to just 40kr. Bearing in mind the last time I wrote about picking up a hardback bargain, Philip Kerr‘sIf The Dead Rise Not, that came to just under 50kr (still an almighty bargain, of course), you do have to add in the cost of getting into town on the bus on top of that (don’t get me started on that subject).

So, now the Hereward section of my hardback book shelf looks a little like this.

They’re hardbacks, arranged by author, not subject. If you’re wondering why we have Norman Conquests, Spy story, Norman Conquests, World War 2…

This is how it looks in, kind of, close-up. The condition is not 100% perfect – there is a little bend and the tiniest of tears at the top right there – but considering it is second-hand and has been posted from the UK and I’ve occasionally had new books sent from Amazon arrive in slightly worse condition, I’d rate it at 95% perfect and absolutely nothing to grumble at.

This is the back of the book. Nothing wrong there, eh?

The company I ended up buying the book from then, through Waterstones Marketplace, was Better World Books. I know nothing of them other than this transaction and that they are in Scotland. They say in their details that to Europe, post can take up to 14 days, I think mine arrived in 10, so no problems there. It was packed efficiently enough. I wouldn’t have minded a little padding around the book, but it was secure and water-tight enough and didn’t seem to have suffered any due to the gentle attentions of the UK postal service (the Danish service is much, much better. I have several examples to prove the difference, but to long and involved to go into here).

So, on the basis of this one transaction, I will certainly recommend both Waterstones Market Place and Better World Books to you.

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