Paperback version of The Splintered Kingdom coming soon

If you aren’t looking forward to the third in James Aitcheson’s ‘1066 The Bloody Aftermath’ series, I will be calling at your house soon, wanting to know why.

Jam-packed full of incident, detail, description and all sorts of violent, Norman Conquest goodness, this has been an incredibly powerful start from a talented young author reasonably new to the Historical Fiction world.

SwornSwordThe first in the series called Sworn Sword’, set an incredibly high standard. It introduced us to a Norman Knight called ‘Tancred’, fresh from fighting and winning, of course, at Hastings. He’s now trying to come to terms with a country and a people who either don’t know, or are unwilling to accept, that they have been conquered. As you would expect maybe.

I found it particularly interesting to find myself, as an Englishman, trying my best not to sympathise with an invading Norman knight, a Frenchman for goodness’ sake, subduing the ‘rebels’, my fellow countrymen! It’s much more usual, to read about, or see things from the poor, downtrodden Saxon’s side. That on its own is worth getting stuck into this series for.

PrintNumber two in the seriesThe Splintered Kingdom’, came out in hardback last summer and more than consolidated the promise shown by Sworn Sword. And you can, indeed you should, get it as a hardback on Amazon. Now, on his Facebook page this last Monday, James has posted a picture of how the paperback cover for number two in the ‘1066: Bloody Aftermath’ series will look.

And this is it.

You wouldn’t want to be stood there in yer jim-jams trying to duck out the way of that, now would you?

Seems like they’ve decided to colour up the background there, doesn’t it? And move James’ name up to the top. Typeface for the title is different as well. Maybe considered a bit bolder? The main figure, presumably of Tancred, seems the same, but the fight now seems to be taking place at night, or at least later in the day, than the hardback cover. Interesting that. Don’t know if that’s to make it stand out more, or look the same as other books of this ilk. I wouldn’t mind asking someone like James to explain the process of deciding upon a cover and the process of going from hardback to paperback covers.

Hmm…Just me then.

And, no self-respecting book these days would be seen out without a prominent ‘he/she’s really ace’ – type quote from cuddly Ben Kane. Wouldn’t be proper.

I have the hardback, but I will also be ordering the paperback as well.

But, that’s just madness, I hear you cry!

Well, there’s something I want to check. Which I’m not going to go into details about, but which I mentioned to him at the time I got my pre-release copy (just thought I’d drop that in…hey, it’s the only one I’ve ever had, gotta get some mileage out of it!).

You can order The Splintered Kingdom in paperback on Amazon here. Other good booksellers are available, as they say.

They also say good things come in threes, here’s hoping they also come in fours, fives, sixes, etc., if you know what I mean?

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