Robin begins

Angus Donald, eh?

Angus DonaldNot content with writing a really rather wonderful series of game-changing Historical Fiction novels based around the legendary Robin Hood, now, with his left hand, he’s penning a series of short stories. ‘Shorter stories’ maybe a better description, as they clock in at around the 10,000 word mark he says.

Again based, as far as I can tell, in and around the world of Robin Hood, a world he now owns. They will be released – the first one at least – soon as e-books.

After days of careful combing of Twitter, I have been able to piece some pieces together – into larger pieces…

…and of course, he posted this on his Facebook account this last Friday:

My first short story – The Rise of Robin Hood – is available to pre-order on Amazon:

It’s actually being released as an e-book, if that’s the right terminology, and that’s the cover there to the left, as much as these things can have a ‘cover’.

What that means is, you can pre-order the Kindle download on or The latter is of course the US store, where poor saps like me who live in Denmark have to jump through a few hoops and download our Kindle books from.

You can of course get it in the Danish – and any other kind of – Apple’s iBooks store.

Here then is the official line on the story:

Something is stirring in the heart of Sherwood.

Two desperate young men undertake their first robbery in the tangled depths of a medieval forest. The first is a cut-throat charmer named Robert Odo; the second a gigantic, battle-hardened warrior called John. But, as the novice thieves quickly discover, they are not the only outlaws in Sherwood.

A legend is born in this short-story prequel to Angus Donald’s masterly series The Outlaw Chronicles, perfect for devoted fans and newcomers alike.

Further reports, reaching me from Angus’ Twitter account, would also suggest that this is just the first of a series of short stories based around (or slightly to the side of, I’d say), Angus’ Robin Hood world. He has already said that the second will be called The Betrayal of Father Tuck’. From what he says, it looks like this one is also ready to go into cyberspace, bar the purchase of extra electronic Tippex:

My agent has just told me that he really likes The Betrayal of Father Tuck (short story No2). Good. OK – now, must get on with some work

I would imagine, for those of you who prefer to hold a book, not a computer, while you read, that depending on how many stories Angus will write in this new series, they will be collected and brought out in a ‘physical’ edition at some point in the future. A follow-up post on Facebook says this:

Not in the near future…alas. Maybe in a year or two, if the first three short stories are a success, I might write some more and gather them together into a whole paper book

Seems like he’s been asked to do three so far, with maybe more based on sales and if he finds he has more to say on the characters, I guess. I really hope we’re going to hear Angus’ view on Robin’s origins. In the first one, ‘Outlaw’, he was for me a rather shadowy figure, an almost Green Man pagan spirit. Having some background on him (Robin), with which to add more substance to the spirit, will be really intriguing. I’m sure Angus will be able to add to the mystery, rather than dispel it.

So, that’s what we know at the moment. I have so far read all of Angus Donald’s Robin Hood series on iPhone/iPad. Had absolutely no problems getting hold of them from the Danish iBooks site – and thoroughly enjoyed each and every one. In fact, I think they’ve been getting better as the series goes on. the last one I readKing’s Man’, was a wonderful, thought-provoking book. Which is why I will be elbowing my way to the front of the digital queue for this one – and then the others.

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