James Aitcheson has now revealed the title for the eagerly awaited third book in his '1066 The Bloody Aftermath' series.

And it seems I've lost money on my guess of 'Tancred Rides Out'.

Here's his post today on Facebook:

So 'Knights of the Hawk'. Who are they? Are they up against Tancred, or does he become one of them? Knights at the time could mean French, of course. Or were there any English Knights about at the time? They'd have to be either underground, or on the outer edges of the Normans' new kingdom, possibly siding with the 'rebels'. 'Hawk' doesn't sound all that peaceful, does it? A 'hawk' is today used to describe someone 'favouring war in a debate over whether to go to war', as Wikipedia has it. Hawk being a bird of prey, a hunter, a predator, a killer. And Tancred does have some unfinished business the finishing of which would be greatly helped by a group of friendly Knights. Or are they another of the 'new enemies' promised at the end of 'The Splintered Kingdom'? And, the First Crusade isn't that far away, where the first military order of Knights was founded (Hospitaller), is there anything there?
I felt that Tancred was becoming more than a little anglicised during 'The Splintered Kingdom' and I was thinking it would be interesting to pit him against the people he came over from France with. See what that did to him mentally as well as physically. Poacher turned gamekeeper-like maybe.
I'm certainly looking forward to, at the very least, finding out if I was barking up the right tree there, or not. Then there is a loose end, an unexpected 'idea bomb' that went off in the last book and that I hope he has found it possible to develop in 'Knights of the Hawk'.

Right or wrong trees apart, I think if the above nonsense shows anything – apart from that it is a very good idea I don't think I can write a book myself – it is that we are extremely lucky to have a new writer like James, creating a wonderfully evocative series of books and a world full to the brim with exciting, interesting possibilities. The other side of the coin in a way, to James Wilde's 'Hereward' series. I wouldn't like to have to put money on who would win if those two* ever met, that's for sure.

*Tancred and Hereward, that is. Not James and James. Or James and Hereward, or…That's enough – Ed.


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