Posting In The Name Of…

At long last, I have figured out how Spotify works.

So, as an update to my post a while back, about playlists for books, put together by authors – or others, of course – I realised that, as usual, I had made several references in the post, to several songs.

Talking HeadsAnd not just Talking Heads‘ songs this time either.

So, as the previous post I’m referring to, was a post about playlists (on Spotify) to compliment the reading (experience) of books – what about a Spotify Playlist to compliment the reading of a post about playlists on Spotify that compliment the reading experience of books?

Erm, yes, well…

Anyhow, here’s my playlist for the post:

It’s called rather obviously; Reading A Post In The Name Of…

KraftwerkAs it would seem that Spotify don’t (as yet?) have access to Kraftwerk or Led Zeppelin, you’re just going to have to hum Neon Lights for 8.52 and Whole Lotta Love, for 7.54 (luckily for you I chose the shorter, live at Knebworth version), here below, is the Playlist listed, so you could of course, put it together yourself.

As iTunes do have access to the songs I’ve mentioned, click on the name for each song and you will rather conveniently be taken post-haste to an iTunes page for that song. Click on the band name to go to their official website.

Artists/tracks are as follows:

Joan ArmatradingLove And Affection
Rage Against The MachineKilling In The Name Of
KraftwerkNeon Lights (live)
Samuel BarberAdagio For Strings (Opus 11a)
SpiritualizedCop Shoot Cop
Fela KutiEko Ile
The Bhundu BoysKachembere
WingsBand on the Run
Led ZeppelinWhole Lotta Love (the How The West Was Won version is a little longer, I admit. But it’s the closest to the version I’m thinking of.

Here it is on SpotifyPosting In The Name Of…

Here it is on DeezerPosting In The Name Of…

Led Zeppelin(Be advised, that the good people at Deezer don’t have access to Led Zeppelin originals, so this is a version by Letz Zep. It’s still live though)

You may well have to join either of the above services to access the playlist – should you be bothered – I’m on there. Not much, but I’m on there, feel free to follow or whatever you do.

If the play list is over before you’ve finished reading, press play again.

If you’ve finished reading before the playlist is over, read it again.

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