Just 122 days and one Knight to go

What are we waiting for at the moment?

Why it’s Knights of the Hawk by our pal James Aitcheson of course! And it’s out on the 24th of October.

Knights of the HawkI’m writing another post partly because there’s a new image of the cover available on the Random House website and partly because I’m really looking forward to slapping some eyes on the story.

Here’s what the blurb is saying;

“The third novel in the compelling Conquest series (1066: The Bloody Aftermath) from the author of Sworn Sword. Perfect for fans of Ben Kane.

AUTUMN, 1071. The struggle for England has been long and brutal. Now, however, five years after the fateful Battle of Hastings, only a determined band of rebels in the Fens stand between King William and absolute conquest.

Tancred, a proud and ambitious knight, is among the Normans marching to crush them. Once lauded for his exploits, his fame is now fading. Embittered by his dwindling fortunes and by the oath shackling him to his lord, he yearns for the chance to win back his reputation through spilling enemy blood.

But as the Normans’ attempts to assault the rebels’ island stronghold meet with failure, the King grows increasingly desperate. With morale in camp failing, and the prospect of victory seeming ever more distant, Tancred’s loyalty is put to the test as never before.”

In the Random House post, they seem to be hedging their bets on the name for the series. Both ‘1066 The Bloody Aftermath’ and ‘conquest’ making an appearance. Amazon have it as just the ‘Conquest series.’

You can order it as of now on Amazon UK, or Amazon US. Also on Random House, The Book Depository, or your local book seller.

From the writer of these fine books:

Sworn Sword, hardback, paperback – my review

SwornSwordSworn Sword Paperback

The Splintered Kingdom, hardback, paperback – my review

The Splintered Kingdom7C36113B-2A6D-4E5E-9B4B-A2AD452FEA50.png

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