A talk on the Wilde side

Yes…erm, very soon, you can indeed hear the great man speak and buy/get signed books.


Topping & Co. in Ely. Wednesday 7th August. 7.30pm.

9 High Street to be exact, but if you find the main street in Ely, you’ll find Topping & Co.

James Wilde at ToppingsHere’s the leaflet promoting the event.

Clearly, living within reasonable travelling distance of Ely would help tremendously with getting your bits signed. But, they will presumably have some signed copies over when he’s done and – as long as you wait until I’ve got mine – you may well be able to order one direct from Topping (see below).

We’ve recently come back from a shopping trip visit to family and friends in England and Wales and amongst other places, we visited close friends who conveniently just happen to have chosen Ely to live. Ely is a lovely place and…features in the saga of Hereward as written about by James Wilde. Toppings is an extremely fine purveyor of books, I found (they also have a store in Bath). Their Ely store is packed with just about every type of book, on a myriad of subjects. Paperback, hardback, you name it. And, possibly due to regular signings being held in Ely and Bath, they have a large selection of signed books. A couple of which I relieved them of while there…

The down side? None really. Oh yeah, you pay the price on the book cover. So you’re not going to find ‘Buy One Get One Half-Price’, ‘Two for £7.00’, or any other kind of offer the large chains and supermarkets. I may be doing Toppings a huge disservice here, but I didn’t notice any special price deduction promotions anywhere. But, it doesn’t matter! Apart from it being an absolute pleasure to look round a well-run, clean and tidy bookshop, the staff were more than helpful and able to answer queries and even managed to look interested when I told them I was going back to Denmark with my haul.  They take book tokens and you do at least have a clear conscience when you leave, that the couple of quid extra you paid over what you could have got it for from Amazon or – if you could have found it – your local supermarket, goes to keeping such wonderful places going and there for when you want to get a book a little more out of the ordinary. That is priceless.

Hereward. Part-time anti-Norman rebellion leader, part-time pub owner
Hereward. Part-time anti-Norman rebellion leader, part-time Ely pub owner

Anyway, as if the above James Wilde/Hereford/Ely coincidence wasn’t enough to make me regret not having taken my holidays two weeks later…the signing is on the 7th August – my Birthday!

Double drat!

Still, my old school friend now living down there in Ely (we’re from Birmingham, so Ely qualifies as ‘down there’) says he will breeze by and collect a signed copy shortly after the ink has dried on an End of Days.

“But didn’t you buy one while you were over there?”

Shhhh! The wife might be listening!

Topping & Co., have a web presence of sorts here. I’m sure the lady I spoke to said that they do deliver to most places in the world – sorry New Zealand, for some reason – so I guess an email request for something will be answered with availability, cost and postage. You can subscribe to a newsletter, so you can see what the chances of finding a book signed by your favourite author are.

And no, Topping & Co., aren’t paying me for this.

Or I’d have bought more books.

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