Books brought back from UK trip

Now you know why we took the car over.

We drove from Denmark to Wales, via Germany, Holland, Belgium and an overnight in Calais France. Then on to the north of England, the south and back, via an overnight in Dunkerque.

Book-buying wasn’t the only reason of course, but it did make it a lot easier, being able to chuck them in the back of the car and not worry about going over the weight allowance. Like on our/my first return visit, where we forgot and had to pay over £80 excess. Oops!

Some books I’d bought on-line in the previous couple of months and had sent to Ma and Pa’s house in Wales, others I snapped up in various sales, supermarkets and bookshops while over there.

As I’m an equal opportunities book-buyer, I’m linking to the Book Depository with all these. Free world-wide delivery does come at a cost, their prices are a shade higher than Amazon, but if you’re outside the UK (as I am) for single deliveries – pre-orders and the like – under £25, they’re a winner!

Click on the picture to go to the relevant page.

Stewart Binns - Anarchy

Stewart BinnsAnarchy
The cover looked good, the story looks good and I got the paperback for a song. It seems to be the third in a series, so it looks like I’m now gonna have to get my hands on the first two before I can read this! The covers for the first two don’t look as good as this one though.

Christian Cameron - The Ill-Made Knight

Christian CameronAn Ill-Made Knight
Pretty sure it was recommended by Anthony Riches on his Facebook/Twitter page. I’ve heard him mentioned a few places and thought of getting hold of one or two. But he has seemed to dwell in Greek times (unless I’m confusing him with someone else, which is perfectly possible) and as Greek is generally not for me, I’ve stayed away.

Paul Christopher - Valley of the Templars

Paul ChristopherValley of the Templars
This could well be dreadful, but ticks many of my boxes. It seems I have already got one of Paul Chritopher’s, though not in this series by the looks, on my iPad/iPhone. Or the year before. This would appear to be number seven in the Templar series, stiull debating if I should bother trying to read them in order. Advice?

Berwick Coates - The Last ConquestBerwick CoatesThe Last Conquest
Again, another one ticking all the right boxes; 1066, Hastings, English, Normans, conquest. I seem to be building quite a library of all things 1066 these days, what with Marc Morris, Angus Donald, James Aitcheson, James Wilde, et al. No chance of me having a go and writing a book though.

Charles Cumming - A Foreign CountryCharles Cumming – A Foreign Country
It was on special offer on Amazon. I know I thought his last one was poor, but you can’t argue with The Trinity Six – and £1.95 or whatever it was. The good news for now is that this one doesn’t seem to be in the Alec Milius series, so we might be ok.

Dan Fesperman - The Small Boat of Great SorrowsDan FespermanThe Small Boat of Great Sorrows
I’ve bought second-hand books at the Porthcawl R.N.L.I. charity shop before. This time, I took them a whole load, around 25 in all (mostly ‘Star Trek Voyager’ books) and found this little beauty. He wrote The Arms Maker of Berlin, which I thoroughly enjoyed a while back. First edition, hardback and £1.85, sweet.

Alan Furst - Mission to ParisAlan FurstMission to Paris
I’m finding you generally can’t go wrong with an Alan Furst or two. You too? Though I do need to get control over what I’ve got and read when I’m out in a bookshop. Not that living here in Denmark, that’s gonna happen too frequently, I guess.

Robert Goddard - Ways of the WorldRobert GoddardThe Ways of the World
I don’t know the author, but this is set precisely where I like ’em, between World War 1 & 2 (though a little closer to the first than the second), I’d had this one in my Amazon Wish List for a while, so the chance to get a signed, hardback, first edition at Toppings in Ely proved a little too much…

Douglas Jackson - Avenger of RomeDouglas JacksonAvenger of Rome
I’m mopping up the back catalogue (this is #3) before ordering the new one (out soon) in hardback. Not crazy about them changing the typeface from what they used for the first two. I could half-understand if they changed from 3 to 4, but not this soon and while the series is still on its first run. I’ll have to take DJ to task for that!

Ben Kane - Hannibal Fields of BloodBen KaneHannibal Fields of Blood
Amazon were doing it at a reduced price. I think it must be that Ben’s first editions are generally priced a little higher than the ‘competition’. Personally, I think the cover picture is a little contrived (you know what I’m on about?), I’d have linked it a bit more to the first one – but other people like it, so there you go.

untitledPhilip KerrPrague Fatale
I don’t know if I should read the rest in order. Maybe so. In which case, I’ll have to get the compilation of the first three Bernie Gunther books before starting on any other Philip Kerr’s. A ‘Buy One Get One Half Price’, if I remember rightly. And yes you’re right, the UK covers are much better than the US.

Robert Low - CrowboneRobert LowCrowbone
I found a signed, dated, first line(ed) hardback copy in excellent condition on Abe Books for a miserly £10.00. What’s not to like?
This is the 5th in the Oathsworn series. It’s close, but I think RL just shades it over Giles Kristian‘s Raven series for me.

Jack Ludlow - The Sword of RevengeJack LudlowThe Sword of Revenge
You really can’t argue with £1.00 in a WH Smith‘s sale. Wish we had them here. I had a feeling I’d read the first in this (‘Pillars of Rome’, ‘Republic’?) series (as it now seems to be) by him, and indeed upon my return to Denmark, I find I have!

Eric Van Lustbader - The Bourne DominionEric van LustbaderThe Bourne Dominion
Eric Van Lustbader - The Bourne ImperativeEric van LustbaderThe Bourne Imperative
Both paperback.
Love Eric von Lustbader’s continuation of Bourne. Better get these (and others) bought and read before they change the cover design. I’m reading them from the 4th onwards, there doesn’t seem to be a need to read them in order, they’re pretty much self-contained.

Stuart Neville - RatlinesStuart NevilleRatlines
This was yet another one from my Amazon Wish List (I really can’t read fast enough). I found it on my ‘purchasing trip’ (the one after the initial ‘reconnaissance’ trip) to Topping & Co. in Ely. Signed, first edition, hardback. The paperback cover really does look dreadful compared to this.

Harry Sidebottom - Warrior of Rome The Amber RoadHarry SidebottomWarrior of Rome. The Amber Road
As I’d got the last one in hardback and this was claiming ‘£4.00 off.’ I’d bought the previous one as hardback (yet to read it though), so thought I might as well go ‘hard’ from now on with HS. He’s doing a signing in Ely soon, am sorely tempted to get a signed one as well, as long as I can keep it from the wife’s prying eyes…

Henry Venmore Rowland The Last CaesarHenry Venmore-RowlandThe Last Caesar
Henry Venmore Rowland The Sword and the ThroneHenry Venmore-RowlandThe Sword and The Throne
Both hardback.
He seems to be a coming name in Roman circles. These are the first two in his series (?). It’s a crowded field just now, so he’s gonna have to be good to make a (bigger) name for himself.

51nOWkC794L._SL500_AA300_James WildeHereward End of Days
No brainer. Been so looking forward to getting some eyes slapped on this. There’s a distinct possibility of a signed version coming soon as well…

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