Review: 48 Hours

48 Hours
48 Hours by J. Jackson Bentley
My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

An interesting little thriller, written somewhat unusually (for me anyway) in a mixture of first person and third person. By that I mean, it sometimes is ‘I did this’, other times it’s ‘they did that’ and the action takes place somewhere the previous ‘first person’, isn’t. If that makes it any clearer. Probably not.

A good little book. A thriller, even. Our main character gets, seemingly out of the blue, a note, a threat, to pay up a huge sum of money, inside the 48 hours of the title, or suffer the consequences. The fatal consequences. And he soon finds he’s not the only one.

Unfortunately, after the original set-up and execution is, executed…there’s still about four fifths of the book to go. From there on, there is plenty of going on and plenty to keep you reading, but it’s more a labour of love, rather than a stuck-to-your-hands-like-glue, page-turner. Or perhaps it should be ‘page-flipper’, as I read it on Apple’s iBooks. I did think that our main man believed the premise a little quickly and any deeper doubts that anyone (like me) would surely have had in the initial stages, were a little glossed over and sped past I felt. Plus he was astoundingly lucky to have the boss he had, on the raising of the cash front. Plus, he was damn lucky that he got assigned such a gorgeous Policewoman as body-guard (who later seems to be at least part Robocop, the number of injuries she survives).

I could be wrong, but I felt this was a self-published affair. It’s a decent effort and worth your time and even a little of your money. I did feel however, that there were a few awkward moments, a few rough edges that surely could have been polished a little smoother by an extra edit and read-through, to push it further into the Thriller genre lime-light. Yeah, that works..

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