Review: The Bone Chamber

The Bone Chamber
The Bone Chamber by Robin Burcell
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I’m struggling to see what the point of this one was. It didn’t seem to be about anything much, though it desperately wanted to.

Sometimes it seemed to be wanting to be Dan Brown, sometimes a Robert Ludlum, sometimes Michael Connelly.

Sometimes it seemed like it might be going into interesting areas, then it didn’t. But there was always a long way between any interesting revelations and when they came, they really weren’t that interesting.

I think it was about some mad Italian mobster trying to get his hands on a map to the whereabouts of some Templar treasure under the streets of Naples. About the FBI or CIA or Some Other Agency, running an operation to stop him, some professor and The Vatican getting involved and an FBI sketch artist being mixed up in it all. I think. How all that lot was supposed to hang together, I’m not sure, because I’m not sure it did.

The lead character, given this is subtitled ‘Sydney Fitzpatrick #2’, wasn’t up to it either. She was there, but not really developed very much and the main man who might be working for this that or the other Govt agency (I kind of lost count really) ‘Griffin’, was much more interesting. By comparison, that is.

Then the end, when it finally came, seemed to be a mixture of side-stepping because it knew it really wasn’t worth the bother of going through the previous god-knows how many pages (I read it on my iPhone) and getting it over quickly because it wasn’t worth…and the other.

It’s competently enough written, but lacking excitement, enough tension and pay-off. More of something to measure a proper historical secrets chase novel by than a good one in itself.

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