Say what you like about Amazon…

The Pagan Lord…but. I ordered Bernhard Cornwell’s latest in the (let’s see what they’re calling the series this week) ‘Warrior Chronicles’, The Pagan Lord a good while back. When it was announced I think.

I got an email from Amazon last Friday, that they had dispatched the book.

It arrived, here in Denmark, Monday morning around 10.00. Delivered by a very pleasant lady from Post Danmark.

I’m thinking that must be some sort of a record. That Amazon must have some sort of arrangement with the Post Danmark people. Whatever they did – maybe it was just magic – you can’t fault service like that.

The Pagan Lord (printed)So, a hardback, first edition and I began reading Monday afternoon. As I’d coincidentally just finished the previous one (Olen Steinhauer Victory Square).

Incidentally. The picture to the left here, is a scan of the actual version I have. As I’ve noted before, the picture Amazon show, isn’t always the one you get. Amazon seem to get an image ahead of publication and use that. I’m not actually sure they ever update it, even after publication. So, you will see is is slightly different from the pre-publication version. As far as I can see, the actual image of the warrior is the same. Bernard Cornwell’s name is the same typeface, but now it’s in white. The title is in gold not white and the copy at the bottom is different. Instead of the standard ‘In a clash of kingdoms…’, there is the more book-specific ‘one man will decide the fate of a nation.’ It’s a really good looking affair. A matt cover, with embossed author name and title and really does look and feel worth the money. I’m about half way through now, enjoying it very much and review ideas are forming up nicely.

I’m going to recommend this one to you, purely based on the cover and the half I’ve read. If you’ve read the previous six, you’ll get more out of it, but if you haven’t, this one hangs together just fine on its own.

Review to follow as soon as I’m done.

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