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Angus Donald

Robin Hood – six on TV?

Angus Donald – long-time friend of this blog and general Robin Hood-type author – has announced on his Twitter account that;

“I have just signed a contract with a big US media company giving them to option of making a TV series or film of The Outlaw Chronicles. Yay!”

As he himself says, it’s an option, not a promise. But still, exciting times. He also says he has finished the first draft of the follow up to Grail Knight, called The Iron Castle. This will be number six in his Robin Hood chronicles, if my memory serves. One can only hope they don’t try and squeeze six books into one film. So maybe a tv series would be better.

wpid-Photo-19032013-20.37.jpgHoly WarriorKing's Man 2Warlord 1Grail Knight


Robin Hood – the story so far. Click on a cover to go to the Book Depository page for that book.

Luke PrestonExile, on main street

Cuddly, loveable Luke Preston, the psychopathic madman at the helm of the Tom Bishop novel called Dark City Blue I read, reviewed and liked a lot recently, has announced that the second Tom Bishop story, called Out of Exile has just hit the street. Subtitled ‘A Tom Bishop Rampage’, it may be just available as an e-book right now, so you better get a Kindle app for your iPhone. Like me. You can read more about Luke and quite probably ‘Tom’, on Luke’s new design website. He’s also on Facebook and posted today that you can actually get Dark City Blue FREE on Apple’s iBooks store. Unfortunately not in the Danish one so far, but certainly the US iBooks store. You can also it looks, download it for free from Luke’s publishers website, here. If you go through the buying process, you do have to leave your name and address and an email, but you can leave the ‘store details’ box un-checked. You can then choose to download a file for a Kindle, or an ePub file which will work on your iPhone (by dropping it into your iTunes). I just tried it out and it works a charm. Go! Free’s free – what have you got to lose?

On the subject of free. This is a promotion for a book Luke has put a lot of time and effort into and he of course needs to make a living out of it – and even with the release of Out of Exile, he only has two books to make a living from. He isn’t releasing one every other week, like Lee Child or Bernard Cornwell. So I asked him (on Facebook) how he felt about giving his hard work away for free. He said:

Luke Reply

I’d love to get to chat with him about the why’s and wherefore’s of giving away your blood, sweat and daily bread-winning work for free. The problem I see it is if you get used to getting stuff for free, maybe even just by waiting until the next book comes out, then you get used to getting stuff for free. And don’t get used to paying the author their due for a book. Just like Amazon and supermarkets have conditioned us into thinking books cost £5.99. That’s not a living wage for an author, unless you’re an author selling a supermarket truck-load of books. Maybe the next time he’s in Denmark…In the meantime, grab it while it’s hot! Then buy the follow-up!

Ben KaneThe K Team

Ben Kane showed us the covers for two of his books and finished with the blotting paper, before sending off the final draft, of the third Hannibal story, to be called Clouds of War to the publishers. You can, should you wish (and should said publishers actually receive said final draft, I guess), pre-order it from Amazon now (you only pay for it when it’s actually released). So that’ll be winging it’s way to Speesh Towers when it’s released next February.

HerewardThe Wilde Bunch

And finally, James Wilde tells me that the third and final Hereward story, Hereward End of Days, hasn’t got  a US release date as yet. Nor even a new US name either, I presume. Seems, even though it is the final part in a trilogy and American readers who have bought one and two will be mightily disappointed (not to mention mightily out of pocket if they have to order an import), it isn’t yet certain it will be published in the US: Seems like the arrangement is to “see how it goes” with The Winter Warrior. It must have gone ok with The Time of the Wolf for Winter Warrior to be published, so let’s hope for the same result again.

And the picture’s of Hereward and probably not James Wilde. He’s a camera-shy young fellow.

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