Friday book news

…is back! And, on a Saturday!

Imperial Fire

Imperial Fire, Robert Lyndon‘s follow-up to Hawk Quest, has now been released.

You can order it here:


The Book Depository

Or, if you fancy a signed first edition copy and don’t mind paying full-whack and possibly postage the same cost as the book (depending on where you live of course) you can try Goldsboro Books. That’s where I put my order in. They’ve taken the money, so I’m guessing he’s now signed and it is on its way.

Interestingly, The Book Depository have it also listed as having this cover (left).Imperial Fire 2

From what I can tell, that may well be the US hardback cover. Though they’ll have to wait a little longer for it to be released over there. As they should. Maybe I’ll have to run a post like the one I did for Hawk Quest, showing the different covers different countries got.

I can’t really see from the UK cover, what the story might be about. But the US one does rather seem to say ‘China’, doesn’t it? I’m guessing he’s continuing with the characters, those that were still alive, from Hawk Quest, so maybe they travel off to China, getting all Marco Polo on our asses. I guess I won’t have to wait too much longer to find out.

God of VengeanceIf you breeze over to Amazon, you can see that Giles Kristian‘s next, to be called ‘God of Vengeance‘ – a return to his ‘Raven’, Viking characters – will be released on the 10th April. I’m not too sure about the cover. Without knowing what the story is about, I can’t say whether it reflects it or not. Maybe it does. But, I doubt it. It’s too static. Not Vikingy enough. “But there’s a longboat on the cover!”, I guess he would say – but the dead, black background? OK, they’re runes, but it all looks like a new version of Homer’s Iliad or something, than a rampaging, rollocking story about a band of desperate Viking desperadoes. Which I’m guessing, even though it is a prequel to the other Raven stories, and not necessarily featuring the ‘Wolfpack’ as we know and love them, it is about.

Were it me in charge of things over at the publisher, I’d have said – try again. Give me something that at least looks as if it comes from the same historical period as the other three Raven books. I’m guessing that there won’t be any dramatic changes to this cover for the hardback version when it is released, be interesting to see if they keep the design for the paperback version.

You can pre-order God of Vengeance here:


The Book Depository

Hannibal Clouds of War New Front

Ben Kane‘s next title, Hannibal Clouds of War, out on 27 February, has got itself a new cover.

Well, not a new, new cover, more a slight change to the original proposed cover.

Ben posted on his Facebook and Twitter Wednesday, that Wilbur Smith had come up with the goods, quote-wise. I’m guessing they have somehow got an advance copy of the book in front of the great man and he has liked it so much, he’s allowing Ben to quote him on the book. The quote is, in case your eyesight isn’t up to it:

Who is the rising star of historical fiction? I say Ben Kane

Today, he’s showing off a cover, an up-dated cover, with the afore-mentioned quote/gold dust, front and centre. They also seem to have brightened the soldier’s face area up a bit, and got the plume/crest a lot more reddish, though that could just be compared to the version of the cover I originally posted. I think it is, because the Amazon order page has a picture that looks exactly the same as the version Ben posted today, apart from the quote rather than the ‘Sunday Times…’ bit. It does really have a zing about it, don’t ya think?

Hannibal Clouds of WarIt seems, on the face of it from how Ben phrased it on his Facebook page, that they may not have started printing the covers yet. Which, having been in the game myself before moving over to Denmark, I find a little hard to believe. Ben’s quite rightly thanking his people for managing to get the cover re-done, with Wilbur Smith’s quote on it. I’d rather go for the angle that the designers and printers have now got a version together with the quote on. Meaning, I would not be at all surprised if there aren’t at least a few, maybe even a few thousand, of the original version printed and ready to go on a book. Now THAT would be worth getting hold of. As I say, and having been in the business, I’d put money on some of the originals finding their way onto shipped copies. Anyway, Ben’s quite rightly over the moon about the quote, that should hopefully get Ben out in front of a wider market, so it’s all good. As others on his Facebook page pointed out, Ben is already a star of the Historical Fiction world. Be interesting to find out which other HF authors Wilbur Smith knows of, or is comparing Ben with. What he may be on to, is what I’m getting from this cover and the re-design of Hannibal 2 – Ben is ready for and aiming for the big time, these new covers say Ben is moving into the Premier League of Authors.

Hannibal Clouds of War New Front & Back copy

Anyhoo. Here’s the whole thing, hardcover version, front, spine and back:

I’m crossing my fingers that they’re going to get some gold, embossing going on on the name, either Ben, or the title. Though I could well imagine a ‘flat’ version would look equally sexy.

As the paperback version of what Amazon refers to as ‘Hannibal 2’, has been done in the same photographic and design theme as this new Clouds of War (‘Hannibal 3’), I’d say the paperback version of Clouds of War, won’t differ that much from the hardback. They’d be fools if they re-invented the wheel there, as my old boss used to say.

You can order Hannibal Clouds of War here:


The Book Depository

or, if you’re quick, you can order a signed copy from Goldsboro Books, just be aware that you’ll pay RRP and cop for some juicy postage charges. Though if Ben has time to date and first line it, it may well be worth the extra few sheets. For instance, at Goldsboro, a signed and dated The Forgotten Legion (that’s Book 1), will cause some serious open wallet surgery, coming in at a sizzling £165.

Happy reading.

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