Friday Book News!

Is actually on a Friday!

If you can wait that long…well, I suppose you (and I) are going to have to wait that long…the next by Bernard Cornwell (probably not the very next by Bernard Cornwell, as he’s probably got half a dozen Sharpes and several other standalone books out before then) but the next in his Warrior Chronicles (I think it is called this week) the follow up to The Pagan Lord, is out 23 October. You can pre-order it now on Amazon, here. Amazon have it listed as Warrior Chronicles 8, so I’d say there needs to be some work done on that title before publication day. I can’t see it available for pre-order elsewhere as yet.

Speaking of new books and new book covers and no covers…Angus Donald has the paperback of Grail Knight (book five in The Outlaw Chronicles series) coming out on May 8th. As Angus quite rightly points out in a new blog post, the paperback has a new cover. Being pedantic (as I am); it never actually had an old cover. The thing is the paperback has a different cover to the hardback.

Grail KnightGrail Knight PaperbackHere they are for you to compare and contrast.

The hardback is on the left, the paperback on the right.

I liked the hardback cover very much when I saw it, but I think the paperback cover has improved on it. As I look at the two now, I think hardback – passive, paperback – active. If I may go out on a limb here, I’d say the paperback cover as it appears now on Amazon’s UK page for it, is actually the US version. Purely for the inclusion of ‘a novel…’, something for some reason, US publishers seem to think their readers need to be told/warned about.

You can order the paperback of Grail Knight from Amazon here. You can order it at The Book Depository here.

Book six in The Outlaw Chronicles, The Iron Castle, could be describes as being ‘in the can’, were it a film. As it’s a book, it at the publisher, having Angus’ notes, coffee stains, margin shopping lists and doodles tippexed out, ready to be printed. The liquid paper should be dry around the 3rd of July, when Amazon have it down as being released. They don’t have a cover shown for it as yet. I’ll keep ’em peeled for it.

Pre-order The Iron Castle at Amazon

Pre-order The Iron Castle at The Book Depository

If you are a fan of Angus’ Outlaw Chronicles – as any sane person is – you really should go read his blog post (here’s the link again), as there is very good news regarding the future of his series.

Berwick Coates - The Last ConquestOne I’m enjoying very much at the moment, is The Last Conquest, by Berwick Coates.

The Last Viking

And I notice that what appears to be the next by him they’re calling the new BC, The Last Viking, is out around the 10th of April.

From the sales blurb:

With the death of Edward the Confessor, the crown of England is hanging in the balance. And in the north Harald Hadrada, the Norwegian Viking leader, is determined to take his chance of capturing the country. But Harold will not let that happen without a fight. Charismatic and the leader of a mighty army, he is determined to make Hadrada the last Viking in England. And so the bloodiest battle yet fought on English soil is about to begin. At stake is sovereignty, freedom and honour.

That would make it seem, chronologically, to be set before The Last Conquest…interesting trick, if he can pull it off. I’ll be seeing said trick (hopefully) being pulled off, as I have taken the precaution of pre-ordering it, in all its signed goodness, from Goldsboro Books this time.

Otherwise, it’s at Amazon, here.

Or The Book Depository, here.

Happy reading!

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