Book News Friday 16 May

…can see pretty well. Colours still very light and it’s like looking into bright sun the whole time, but I can read ok and that’s what matters.

And what have I been reading about?

The Fifth Legion

Enemy of RomeDouglas Jackson another Blog Fave™ has produced the cover for the next in his ‘…of Rome’ series, called Enemy of Rome. As Douglas says in his Facebook posting, this is more or less how it will look, there may be some tweaks between now and publication. Can’t see why, it looks the apis genu to me. Unless some other very famous in the field, or related field, author decides to put a soundbite together that can be used on the cover. It will be released on August 28th. Order at The Book Depository.

Stylistically, it is a continuation of the covers so far for Douglas’ books. And all the better for that. I wasn’t happy (like that matters) about the title typeface change between #3 and #4, I will admit. But that was more for it breaking up an otherwise perfectly reasonable sequence. I think the ‘new’ face is better, however, it does join a list of other authors in the same HF field. Just hope people don’t get confused, or is that the idea?

The first three below, are the (hardback) ones I have. However, as you can see, Avenger of Rome, did get up-dated to the new typeface for release in paperback. If I’d been collecting the paperback versions, I’d have been a bit miffed.

Hero of Romedefender-romeAvenger of RomeDouglas Jackson - Avenger of RomeSword of Rome cover






Others to have gone down this route are:

Hannibal Clouds of War New Front

The Emperor's KnivesThey’ll all make for a fantastic collective shot some day in the future, that’s for sure.

It’s been a while since I had anything much to do with specifying typefaces, 10 years this year actually (9th May, to be pedantic), but I’ll take a run at them being based around Times New Roman. What say you?

 Historical Faction

SwornSwordThe Splintered KingdomKnights of the HawkIf reading about times gone by has whetted your appetite for all things old and you’re thinking “but, where can I find out more about that sort of thing?” Well, let’s face it, even if you’re not thinking that, I’m going to link you anyway…and if perchance, you should find yourself reading James Aitcheson‘s magnificent 1066 ‘Conquest’ series, he has ridden to your rescue. He has finally found a use for the reams of research material amassed while writing about The Norman Conquest and has begun posting a series of articles to his website. You need to click on ‘Tancred’s England’ at the top there. I have suggested further items could be on Tancred’s visits to Dublin and Scotland (hope I’m not giving to much away there, if you haven’t read that far). Which has of course led to a rethink of the name for the section. Favourite at the moment, could well be ‘Tancred’s World.’ Which would, as James points out, allow for his imagination to take full flight when planning Tancred’s further adventures. I have suggested Tancred visits Denmark (the Normans were ‘North Men’ after all), mainly in the hope of meeting James on a future research trip. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Boomtown Rats
Looking back, thinking back, whatever, I find I actually enjoyed Stuart Neville’s Ratlines more than I perhaps made out in my review. When I have a slightly less long ‘to read’ shelf over there *points over there*, I will investigate his previous works. However, I will also be ordering up his new one, called ‘The Final Silence.’ It’s out on the 17th of July. I got hold of Ratlines because of the WWII connection and the new one looks more of a mystery, psychological, murder, suspense novel. Phew!

Final Silence - ProofOn Twitter, there was posted a shot of what the lady (@Crime_Queen) said was the proof version of the book.

Final SilenceWhich, as you can see, is a fair bit different to the cover Amazon have in place for pre-ordering.

I’ve not read any Lee Child (though I do know he is a fellow Brummy, albeit an Aston Villa fan. Still, nobody’s perfect…Actually, surprised Lee’s quote wasn’t “Bostin’!” I guess he’s moved away), but I would have thought his was a very good name for having on the cover, as in the Amazon version. I also like the more ‘open’ style of the Amazon version, especially the knocked over chair. It gives it a little something, as my old boss was want to say. I asked ‘Crime Queen‘ wha’goahn? And she says that the proof version she posted a picture of is not the version that mere mortals like you and I will be reading. It is a copy just for booksellers (which I’m not) and reviewers (which I’m not an important enough one to be worth sending one *sob* I suppose I should have asked. Damn!).

You can also follow Stuart Neville on Twitter.

Ah, so…
Not to be outdone by Douglas Jackson (see above), James Douglas has announced he has a new book out, called The Samurai Inheritance. Well, I knew that, so it’s more an announcement of what the cover will look like.

The Samurai InheritanceSomething like this in fact:

‘James’, says that the strap lines may well change (Hey! I’ll do a couple for the usual fee!). With the fairly obvious Robert Ludlum references, well, in the titles anyway, they should get a copy to him to re…ah, I see…to Eric Van Lustbader then.

Moving straight on…’James’, the little tease, teases thusly: “From the back streets of Berlin to the jungles of Bougainville, Jamie finds himself on the trail of the last great secret of World War Two and embroiled in a conflict the world isn’t supposed to know about.”

The other Jamie Saintclair adventures from Douglas ‘James’ have been superb reading, so I’m really looking forward to slapping some peepers on this one. It will be released on 28th August.

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