Friday Book News 11 April

As my sight is returning, slowly, to something in the vicinity of normal, my snazzy new magnifying glass reveals that…

Dark City BlueOut Of ExileLuke Preston, the terrible infant (where DID I put that French dictionary?) of Australian e-novels,  or something like that, says he is nominated for a prize.
It’s the International Thriller Writers 2014 Awards and Luke is in the running for BEST EBOOK ORIGINAL NOVEL.

Other, clearly not as important, sections are Best Hardcover Novel, Best First Novel, Best Paperback Original Novel, Best Short Story, Best Young Adult Novel,
You can see all the award categories and all the other runners and riders, here.

It seems that poor old Luke will have to turn up in person in NYC to collect his prize, should he win. I haven’t seen the odds yet, but it could be worth a flutter.
The 2014 ITW Thriller Award Winners will be announced at ThrillerFest IX, July 12, 2014, at the Grand Hyatt, New York City.

Dark City Blue is available at Amazon as paperback, or Kindle
Out of Exile is available as a Kindle edition only as yet.

Whose castle is this?!

OutlawAngus Donald reports from a warm typewriter, somewhere in the south east of England, that whilst the book hasn’t got a cover sorted yet,

The Iron Castle (book 6) is finished. Written, edited, proofread.”

The Iron Castle, as Angus so rightly observes there, will be book number 6 in his fantastic, the original and best, Outlaw Chronicles. And will be unleashed July 3rd. So that gives you plenty of time to get the first five read, doesn’t it?

You can and indeed should, order The Iron Castle on Amazon.

Far Fetched

The Forgotten LegionThe Silver EagleTheRoadToRomeIf you have read, even if you haven’t but have merely glanced at the backs of, some of Ben Kane‘s early books, that’ll be The Forgotten Legion trilogy then, you may be interested in this article. It comes from The Daily Telegraph (UK) and appears to show that researchers have genetic evidence of contact between a ‘forgotten’ legion (or two) of Roman soldiers and people in China. Villagers in the remote north west of China have been tested and been found to have DNA which suggests they have had contact with Europeans, evidencing Roman-like features. Long noses, some with fair hair, a tendency to wear togas and stab each other in the back (except the toga wearing and the stabbing each other in the back). Check it out back there, or here.

(The sub-head above, comes from the late, lamented father of a friend of mine, who sometimes used to describe something he thought was unlikely, as being ‘like shit from China. Far fetched’)

Just a short one this week, as I’ve been on ‘late shifts’ at the hospital and with the times of those shifts being nicely in the middle of the day, it means I’ve not had much time before or after.

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