Friday Book News – 16 May

All Kindles Lead to Rome
Exciting Roman news, if news about Roman stuff excites you. Yeah? Well, read on then…
Robert Fabbri announced he will have a new short-story exclusively out on Kindle, on 21 May.
The Racing FactionsIt’s kind of like a side-project of sorts, to his ‘day job’ of the Vespasian novels, the first of which, Vespasian Tribune of Rome, I read – and enjoyed – not so long ago. Featuring a character called Marcus Salvius  Magnus, it is in fact the second ‘side-story’ he has written, the first was called The Racing Factions. As the name possibly suggests, it was set in and around the chariot racing scene in ancient Rome and involved bets not being honoured, vengeance being extracted in the shady underworld of Rome and attempting to fix elections and chariot races. In The Dreams of Morpheus, they’re saying this will happen:

The Dreams of Morpheus

Rome, AD 34. Marcus Salvius Magnus, leader of the Crossroads Brotherhood, is searching for the resin of an eastern flower that can unlock the realm of Morpheus. His patron, Senator Pollo, needs it for the city’s most powerful woman, the Lady Antonia, in order to recoup a considerable debt.
Meanwhile, rebellion is in the air. The people in Magnus’ area believe they are being given short measure at the grain dole. As the Ides of October festival dawns bright and clear to celebrate the completion of agricultural and military campaigns, a violent riot erupts. Can Magnus help right the wrongs that have been perpetrated upon the stirred-up crowd?
In this exclusive e-novella for fans of the Vespasian series, Magnus must lead his men in securing a deal over the sale of the highly treasured resin, with its unique power to transport the taker to another place, whilst battling his way through Rome’s savage and corrupt political arena.

If you live in a land that allows Kindle downloads (to your Kindle device or iPhone app) you should commence rejoicing now, then pre-order. If you live in a land that doesn’t allow Kindle downloads, you may need to – ahem – jump through a few hoops…

Dreams of Morpheus on Amazon Kindle

The Racing Factions on Amazon Kindle

Hereward IV
When in Rome…the next in James Wilde’s Herward series ‘Wolves of New Rome’ has got a cover.
Hereward Wolves of New RomeAnd this is it.
Absolutely excellent that it is the same style as the previous three. Someone somewhere at James’ (UK) book company, knows how to do their job, eh? I have seen other series where they change the covers, even subtly (though non the less irritatingly) between three and four. Douglas Jackson’s ‘of Rome’ series springs immediately to mind. I can’t always guess why, but maybe they had agreed a trilogy of Herewards covering his ‘known’ life, or at least that we have other people from the period and after writing about him, with an option for (at least) a fourth. Here with James’ original three, maybe they thought he’d greater a strong enough brand with the guy who plays Hereward and the type, to carry the series onwards. As I say, as far as I can see, there isn’t a right lot of evidence, archaeological or otherwise, for Hereward outside his legend status. I haven’t read enough about Hereward after he leads the rebels to William the Conqueror at Ely and then goes off into the mists of history…to say what even the legends say happens next. Stewart Binns’ Hereward does go on to join the Varangian Guard, which is what James Wilde’s Hereward seems to be doing as well, so maybe there is some sort of legend of that happening. James in Hereward III, seemed to also be suggesting that Hereward could be the source of the robin Hood legends. If you’ve read Hereward III, you’ll know what I mean.
Can’t wait – well, I can obviously, but you get the idea – until 31 July (when Amazon say it is released).
James Wilde website
And speaking of Robin Hood…

The name is Hood, Robin Hood
OutlawThe title of the seventh book in Angus Donald‘s Robin Hood Outlaw Chronicles will be The Bloody Charter. I’m not gonna guess what it’s about just yet, but Angus says it will feature, or at least include, Robin’s (in Angus’ Robin Hood world, that is) two sons Miles and Hugh.
If you haven’t got started on this series yet, get stuck in now, you have a lot of reading pleasure ahead of you. If you’ve been in but not continued for any reason – get back in, the last published story Grail Knight, was absolutely excellent.
Here’s a handy, cut-out-and-keep guide to the books in the order you (not necessarily) need to be reading them in:

1. Outlaw   BUY
2. Holy Warrior   BUY
3. King’s Man   BUY
4. Warlord   BUY
5. Grail Knight   BUY
6. The Iron Castle (published 3 July)   ORDER
7. The Bloody Charter (published in 2015)

Click on the title, to go to my review of the book, click on BUY to order it.
I’ve linked here – and will do more and more in the future – to The Book Depository. TBD will send worldwide with free post and, in contrast to Amazon, do pay tax in the UK. I know TBD are owned by Amazon, but so long as Amazon don’t pay tax in the UK, but charge me for that tax, I won’t use them. Especially as well, as I have mentioned before, they won’t now send free to Denmark when ordering over £25. There are plenty of other places that are equally as good and which do pay tax.
There is even, in the UK, a movement to have customers boycott Amazon, until they pay proper tax. Like you and I do.
Check this article from The Guardian.

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