Speesh Reads' unique Historical Fiction Timeline!

The specially observant of you may have noticed up top there a new Menu item ‘Historical Fiction – The Timeline!

It’s an idea I had the other day, being a trainspotter-type, of putting all the books I’ve read (and got, but not read yet) that could be called (loosely and tightly) ‘Historical Fiction,’ into a chronological timeline. That is to say, put them in order of the dates that they are written about.

I explain at the top of the page how it is ordered, but quickly now – it is a list of books ordered by the dates on which they start.

If I was wanting to give it an importance that clearly isn’t due…I would say that you could think “The 10th Century looks like it was an interesting one, I wonder what books there are that are set back then.” Well, though my list isn’t of course by any means comprehensive, you can now see which books I have read, reviewed or got, that are set in that century. Or another, should your liking be elsewhere.

I’m including as ‘Historical Fiction’ all my books that were written about the past when they were published. If I read a book that was an up-to-date thriller in 1969 (set in 1969) then it isn’t there. If I read a book ‘now’ that is set in 1969, it’s there. Get the picture? Same with George Orwell’s ‘1984.’ When it was written, it was set in the future, Science Fiction, even, now it’s in the past, but isn’t ‘Historical Fiction’ for me.

As ever, they are my interpretations of what is Historical and/or Fiction and it’s me who has combed through the books trying to find evidence of when the book is set. Certain books have missed this info out – some of the Bernard Cornwell ‘Warrior Chronicles’ for example – I’ve no idea why he leaves dates out on some but puts it in on others, with ones like that, it’s my best guess. If you have other ideas, other dates, I stand to be corrected, as the man in the orthopaedic shoes said. And you’re very welcome to tell me differently.

Hope you find it interesting and/or mildly diverting. I haven’t seen it done else where – as yet – so that’s why I’m daring to use ‘unique.’

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