Who's that over there on the throne?

Arriving faster than a spaceship landing on a comet (a shade under two weeks from London to Denmark – that’s about a week less than ‘usual’), yesterday this little beauty arrived.
Thanks again to the very wonderful folks at Goldsboro Books, that’s a signed, first edition of Bernard Cornwell‘s latest, number eight in The Warrior Chronicles series. I can’t say yet if there’ll be a number nine, but I wouldn’t bet against it.
The cover follows the previous design and looks absolutely fab-tastic. If I can say that? Anyway, a whole lot better than the up-dated paperback versions have been. Maybe I’ll put something together on that at a future date.
As I remember, I did find the previous one, The Pagan Lord, a little bit on autopilot, so here’s hoping this is better.

Goldsboro have sold out of the signed ones, but you can (and should) buy a copy at The Book Depository, here.

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