Review: The Fort

The Fort
The Fort by Bernard Cornwell
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Try as I might – and I tried – I could not get a fix on this one. I couldn’t see to figure out what he wanted to, or was was trying to do, with the book. In the end – and after reading the historical afterword at the back – it seemed most likely that he just wanted to find out about the incident and write down his notes. For himself. Putting his name on it – and it helps if the name you can put on it is Bernard Cornwell of course – and selling it was a bonus.

But that doesn’t help us readers, does it?

It is about an incident in the American Revolutionary war – against the British, if your history isn’t up to it. The British are building a fort at a place called (back then) Majabigwaduce. Nowadays it’s called Castine. Though that didn’t place it any more for me. In fact, the name Majabigwaduce provided a block on me getting a fix on the book right from the start. Being unable – in your head – to pronounce the place where all the action takes place, is not helpful for, even prevents, creating a bond of any sorts while reading. And a daft name at that. Were it me, I’d have kept with the name it has now and explained the change in the notes.

As far as I could gather, it was after the actual revolution, and while there was still some doubt as to where it would go. The attack on the fort set up by the British, was the US’s greatest loss of shipping in wartime, until Pearl Harbour. Or something like that. Many a reputation ruined, some created. The person who comes out of the whole situation – and the book – worst, is Paul Revere. There seems very little point to him at all. Apart from being picked up by an early version US marketing machine, that is. The British are doomed to lose the war, but they win the battle here. Mainly because the US forces are so incompetant. More than they are anyway.

And I never did property figure out who was on which side. Who were ‘rebels’ who were ‘loyalists’ as both sides seemed to use the terms about themselves. The Fort skated around looking for a purpose in the first half. Kind of found something to hook onto when the actual attack on the fort began. But then lost its way again. Flashes of ok-ness, but nothing more from then on in. He’s written better.

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