Goodreads – bad 'Recommendations'

Goodreads really needs to tighten up its ‘recommends based on your…’ algorithms, or whatever the coding-ninjas call these things.

For the first, I don’t ever think I’ve seen anything in the recommendations they list, that I would either go within a million miles of, have heard about, or haven’t got already. OK, the middle one is supposedly why the recommendations are there/could be useful, but then one looks at the always dreadful cover and … nope!

GoodreadsThe latest is this:

Now “Because you shelved ‘Judgement and Wrath’” a book about a British vigilante/’problem’ solver, shooting it out with a nutcase American serial killer/professional hitman, they recommend one by a failed model/failed everything else, one by Sharon Osbourne and … well, I haven’t actually bothered looking any further along the line.

I wouldn’t normally have even looked at this panel, as I’ve learned there is nothing to see here. But, well I thought “what on earth are they recommending what looks to be a book with a bird on the cover for?”

I’m more likely to pull my own toe-nails out than even go into a shop that sells these books. So why are they so crap at it? Something to do with having been bought by Amazon, I bet you a zillion spondoolies. (Yet) another reason not to buy books from Amazon then.

I’ll be clicking on the ‘hide’ button in future.

And, we’re done.


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