Keeping it real – books are alive and, well…alive!

iPad BooksHere‘s more news that ‘real’ books are making a comeback. Well, coming a bit back after a heavy drop in sales following the introduction of eBooks, that is.

OK, for ‘more,’ read ‘some.’

Anyway, there’s a section showing research into how we read eBooks and how we read books made of paper, that is interesting. First because it means that someone somewhere Bookmarkpaid these people to do the research, instead of saying ‘get out of town!’ when presented with the idea that they should pay for research into how someone reads a book and, well, I for one agree with the findings.

I’m going to be keeping it ‘real’ this year, but more on that later.

You can check the article out on GeekWire here, if you didn’t click on it up there.

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