Iron & RustEagles at War

Now that’s embarrassing.

Fortunately for Ben Kane and Harry Sidebottom, one is a paperback, the other hardback and so, hardly likely to be seen on the same shop book shelf at the same time. But still…

Harry Sidebottom’s paperback is out from Harper Collins as of now, but Ben’s hardback is first released by Preface Publishing in April (23)…so you draw your own conclusions there.

Which is the more realistic, I couldn’t say. Harry’s is looking right, as I imagine most people would imagine a Roman standard eagle to do, Ben’s is looking straight on. There also seems to be something else going on under the ‘War’ and Ben’s name as well, but it’s hard to see if that’s a hand or what just now. As Ben’s title includes a reference to the Roman Eagle of the Roman Standard, his is the more logical cover. Harry’s is also a paperback and a huge, huge change from the hardback cover, so I’d have said his team need to be looking for the larger amount of arse-covering there. However, Harry’s is out first and that’s often the defining factor.

As the world of Roman book publishing is relatively small, especially at the top, I’d have expected a little more research going on to avoid this sort of thing.

Click on the book cover if you’re interested in buying one or the other.

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