Ain't goin' in no box, Hannibal!

Hannibal Siege Blur

So, this just happened.

From (the pen of) the good Mr. B. and the lovely people at The Book Depository.

So, here’s that cardboard vs The Siege sequence in full…







Can you tell I had the day off work today?

Now I need to put the old thinkering cap on for what to do when the next one arrives…

Order The Siege at The Book Depository – and get a free bookmark!

Those Agent of Rome books in order:

The Siege1. The Siege

Rome has ruled Syria for over three centuries. But now the weakened empire faces a desperate threat: Queen Zenobia of Palmyra has turned on her masters. The once invincible legions have been crushed.



The Imperial Banner2. The Imperial Banner

Faridun’s Banner, hallowed battle standard of the Persian Empire, has fallen into Roman hands and is to be returned to the Persians as part of a historic peace treaty. But on the eve of the signing the banner goes missing. Cassius must journey across the dangerous wastes of Syria to the equally perilous streets of Antioch. He and his companions face ruthless brigands, mysterious cults, merciless assassins and intrigue at every turn.

The Far Shore3. The Far Shore

When the deputy commander of Rome’s Imperial Security Service is assassinated on the island of Rhodes, Cassius Corbulo swiftly finds himself embroiled in the investigation. Braving hostile seas, Cassius and his allies follow the assassin’s trail south aboard a ship captained by a roguish Carthaginian smuggler and manned by his disparate, dangerous crew. Their journey leads them to the farthest reaches of the empire.

The Black Stone4. The Black Stone

Obsessed by the solar religions of the east, the emperor Aurelian sets out to obtain every sacred object within his realm. But one – a mysterious rock said to channel the power of the sun god – lies beyond his reach. Warrior-priest Ilaha has captured the legendary stone and is using it to raise an army against Rome.


There is a Emperors-Silver#5 The Emperor’s Silver waiting in the wings and for that, I’ve taken the precaution of ordering a signed copy from the very wonderful people at Goldsboro. As of the time of writing, they also have a hardback, first edition of The Black Stone available.

And, he doesn’t like the big THE, eh?

My review of The Black Stone will be ready very soon.

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