Review: Valley of The Templars – Paul Christopher

3 of 5 stars

Series: Templars 7

My version: Paperback
Fiction Thriller, Templars

Retired Army Ranger turned historian John Holliday and his good friend Eddie have spent their lives desperately seeking the truth behind the ancient Templar Order and its shadowy past.

When Eddie’s brother mysteriously vanishes Holliday begins a frantic search that leads him to Cuba and draws him back into the dark world of the Templars.

Following the trail of clues in Cuba, Holliday discovers that the Templar Order are putting into action a plan that has been growing for five hundred years – to reveal the secret horror of what lies in the Valley of Death.

What links Eddie’s brother to the Templars? Can Holliday find him before it is too late? Or will his hunt for the truth finally kill him?

A complicated and rather unnecessary tale involving missiles, nuclear missiles I think and the blowing up half of Florida. Shadowy figures, people behind the scenes and modern-day Templar people, who aren’t really Templars. But have names that are Templar-ish. And half of it is in bloody Spanish. Well, there are many exchanges between Holliday and Eddie, who is Cuban. That’s a bit wearisome. All the while, we’re getting further and further away from the ‘world of the Templars’ as stated on the front. As a story as a book, it’s ok, I suppose, not much more than that. Every problem is solved pretty much instantaneously, because one of them, or someone they meet under way, happens to be an expert in that particular field. And Holliday’s encyclopaedic knowlege and total recall of just about everything he’s ever seen or learned, comes in handy as well. The whole thing is easy on the eye, it’s not the best in the series, the early books were better, there were more ancient secrets being discovered and ancient facts being told – so he may well just be running out of steam now.

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