How real books have trumped ebooks – The Guardian

I think part of the attraction with ‘real’ books, is that they aren’t eBooks.

Yes, there’s all that smell, touch, hold in you hands stuff that is always quoted, but it’s, for me, the getting away from your iDevice, whatever it may be, and (as we say in Denmark) fra-kobling. There aren’t notices popping over the page you’re reading in real a book. A real book doesn’t suddenly ring. And a real book is safe to read in bed, as the light coming up off the page isn’t the sort that disturbs the brain patterns.

Some people will (still) love eBooks, there’s no doubt, and I think what was wrong when they originally became popular, was partly the hundreds of ‘death knell for real books’ articles published. It’s horses for courses. And maybe a part of what is making vinyl records more and more popular…?

*’Trumped’? Wonder why they used that word?

Here’s the article from The Guardian of 14 May 2017

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