Book covers: What's wrong with this picture?

I’m not a great one for highlighting book covers, I appreciate it ia a subjective thing. However, I was a designer (of sorts) in my previous incarnation as an advertising man, back in the UK. I was the one who was there to take all the emotion out of a problem and solve it as logically as possible. Then, you can be objective – does it do what it’s supposed to, not subjective? As opposed to, do you like it?

You can see plenty of the latter, especially amongst it has to be said, the independent authors. Those without a marketing department and budget behind them. There, it’s clear that they know someone whose child once got a gold star in an under 14s painting competition.

Then, for those with a huge budget, there’s this:

I’m a sucker for all things Jason Bourne, but this? No.

OK, it’s a mixture of the UK paperback versions, with a figure, Bourne, on the front, and the American hardcovers for Ascendancy and Retribution – but…why is Bourne running away?!

Bourne doesn’t run away!

There’s no doubt, he’s got to the top of the stairs there, with a gun in his hand, and he’s turning to see how much time he’s got. Even without a gun in his hand, he’d have taken on the person whose eyes we’re looking through. With his bare hands.

Didn’t anyone point this out? It was the first thing I ‘saw.’ I’d have binned it. OK, for concept, but have Bourne coming down the steps, towards us.

The UK version has wisely, stayed away from this route, it fits more with Head of Zeus’ previous Bourne book, though it remains to be seen what the paperback does.

That’s it.

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