Mitch Rapp Ambassador

So, I am, according to an email I got in late Friday evening, now a Mitch Rapp Ambassador.

I don’t think it means I get diplomatic plates for my car though.

What it does mean is that Mitch Rapp’s ‘people’ are going to send me a galley copy of the new book – as you can see from the banner at the top – not released until September.

It’s probably a reward for me pointing out to the book people, that a galley copy had made it on to eBay. I had seen Ryan The Rappologist on Twitter saying that under no circumstances should this happen. But then, how many ambassadors are there in Europe, eh? If I can get the word out and get more people reading Vince Flynns books – even just get more people reading – then it will be worth it.

They give me access to a load of different ‘badges’ to use on that there Social Media. A couple of which are here in this post.

Enemy of The State UK
UK Cover

I have already placed an order for the UK version (which I am no way cancelling), as I thought the cover for that looked better than the US version, which is featured in the promotional material of course. It was mainly that I thought it fitted in with the covers of the UK paperbacks of the series I had read up to Order To Kill, nothing else. I actually think the US version isn’t bad this time. I’m not going to cancel the order, for pretty much the above reasons.

I am, as I think appropriate saying is, stoked.

*You can follow @MitchRappFans on Twitter for all the very latest news, some of it even before the regularly updated official Ryan also runs his own website, well worth a check out, here:

3 thoughts on “Mitch Rapp Ambassador

    1. You can apply from the Vince Flynn website. Fill in details, add a reason why you should be an Ambassador – and cross fingers. Oh yeah, check pretty much all the ‘are you active on social media’ boxes. They seem to realise I’m in Denmark, so I’m hopeful it will arrive before my hardback order does…


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