Review: Inauguration Day – Peter G. Pollak

4 of 5 stars

My version: eBook
Fiction Thriller
Sent by Agent

Tucker Daniels is about to retire from the U.S. Secret Service when the outgoing president asks him to undertake an off-the-books investigation into the validity of an accusation against president elect Henry Garvin . . . made by Garvin’s son.

When the son is killed in an accident on his way to bring evidence of his father’s treachery to the White House, Daniels believes the young man was delusional. Yet, the further he digs into the president-elect’s past, the more likely the accusation seems and the greater the danger Daniels puts his life and the lives of his son and fiancé.

I thought the main character of soon to be retired Secret Service Agent Tucker Daniels, was written an absolute treat. And, before you groan, it’s not one of those just two weeks from retirement cop-type things. He doesn’t go out on ‘just one more mission’ with a colleague and buy the farm, etc. Nope. More that he’s got another life he’s looking forward to, and that needs thinking about and planning for and shows his plate is already full. What I mean is, there’s a refreshing realism and down to earthiness about Tucker, and pretty much all the characters. This is how you and I would be under such circumstances. He is a decent, likeable kinda guy, though he is high up in the Secret Service, he still gives the impression of being out of his depth, in a good way. He doesn’t go all film-star, inner resources, didn’t know he could do all this sort of thing unrealistic on us. He’s a normal guy being thrown into a terrible situation.

That curve ball, is handed to him by the book’s soon to be ex-President Palmer. It’s interesting that the book is written to circumnavigate the orange idiot as President. Obama is/was real, but he was the guy before ‘our’ President Palmer. But, for those of us who thought Obama was The Man, Palmer seems cut from the same cloth. Yes, I can go along with Tucker being given the job by the President and told to keep quiet about it. It sure made things interesting with regard to how he can get help, and not least, how he avoids his fiancé finding out. That alone, had me quaking in my boots for him.

“The Capitol, Washington D.C. Situated on a hill above the Potomac River, a dignified and beautiful building constructed of Virginia sandstone and Massachusetts marble. The cornerstone of the original building was laid by President Washington in 1793 while that of the extension wings was laid by President Fillmore in 1851.”

The feeling of getting nowhere in the investigation for quite a while is put over well. Frustrating for us to, if you’re looking for quick answers. But they only happen in 50 minute (allowing for adverts) tv series, eh? He doesn’t have a plan, because there isn’t one to be had. He’s just bouncing from one setback to another. So, it’s all going along nowhere quietly enough, with maybe a hint of a breakthrough here and there – then it all falls apart. Spectacularly. Kidnapping, death, death threats, blackmail, hidden movers and shakers. Things spiralling dramatically out of control. A(n appropriate) hurricane of dreadful deadly events. Our man is in the centre seemingly unable to do anything about it, except watch it all swirl around him.

Where it could be better, is being sharper. There’s a lot of waiting for the next event built in, but not exploited to, I don’t know, reveal something about the character. It’s handled in a ‘this happened, then we waited, then this happened’ kind of way.

“He’d have to wait until Trey got home from work. The next five hours passed like people sick of winter wait for a sign of buds on the trees in their backyards. At six-thirty he dialled his son’s home number.”

That’s how it’s laid out too. Surely there should be some sort of a break, a line break, even, or a form of words to cover the period?

But that is about all that made me hesitate here and there.

There is the business of the cover. That need to be changed. It’s just too normal. It’s a holiday snap, not a thriller book cover. Looking at PGP’s other works, the typeface is consistent, but he’s made it hard on himself by choosing an expanded face, and a long word in the title. After all, where are the video screens? You’ll know if you read it.

Inauguration Day is available for you to download as an eBook, probably to your Kindle thing, or, like me, the Kindle app, or even iBooks. Here’s the link to the book on Goodreads. Peter G. Pollak is a Goodreads author, here’s the link to his page.

I was sent an eBook version of Inauguration Day by in return for an honest review. This is that.


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