Best of 2017

Well, then. It’s sure that time of year when people list their lists of lists of the previous year. And I’m no different.

As previous years, this is a list of the book I read in 2017. Some Thriller, some Non-Fiction, some Historical Fiction, I think you’ll find. It was a year where I again tried to get up to date with all the series I have going. I’ve nearly made it. And it explains why so many by Lee Child and the late Vince Flynn. Yes, you could go back over the blog posts, but this is easier to laugh at see.  If you click on the title of the book, you’ll go to the review (if I’ve done it yet).

Following on from the list, I’ll come up with a couple of the best of the year.

  1. The Enemy : Lee Child
  2. Extreme Measures : Vince Flynn
  3. Hereward. The Bloody Crown : James Wilde
  4. Pursuit of Honour : Vince Flynn
  5. The Last Man : Vince Flynn
  6. The Survivor : Vince Flynn (with Kyle Mills)
  7. The Emperor’s Silver : Nick Brown
  8. Order To Kill : Vince Flynn with Kyle Mils
  9. Valley of the Templars : Paul Christopher
  10. One Shot : Lee Child
  11. Kin of Cain : Matthew Harffy
  12. The Hard Way : Lee Child
  13. Mississippi Blood : Greg Iles
  14. The One From The Other : Philip Kerr
  15. Bad Luck And Trouble : Lee Child
  16. Lost City of the Templars : Paul Christopher
  17. Nothing To Lose : Lee Child
  18. The Nazi Hunters : Neal Bascomb
  19. The Lone Warrior : Paul Fraser Collard
  20. Rise of the Wolf : Steven A. McKay
  21. The Eichmann Trial : Deborah E. Lipstadt
  22. Spy Out The Land : Jeremy Duns
  23. Gone Tomorrow : Lee Child
  24. Keane’s Challenge : Iain Gale
  25. 61 Hours : Lee Child
  26. The Secret of the Templars : Paul Christopher
  27. Worth Dying For : Lee Child
  28. Killer of Kings : Matthew Harffy
  29. The Affair : Lee Child
  30. A Wanted Man : Lee Child
  31. The Bourne Enigma : Eric Van Lustbader
  32. Never Go Back : Lee Child
  33. No Going Back : Matt Hilton
  34. Personal : Lee Child
  35. Make Me : Lee Child
  36. Night School : Lee Child
  37. Saviour of Rome : Douglas Jackson
  38. The Scathing : C. R. May
  39. A Quiet Flame : Philip Kerr
  40. The Holocaust : Lawrence Rees
  41. The Earthly Gods : Nick Brown
  42. The Lions of Lucerne : Brad Thor
  43. The Last Legionnaire : Paul Fraser Collard
  44. Enemy of The State : Kyle Rees
  45. Orphan X : Gregg Hurwitz
  46. The Bourne Initiative : Eric Van Lustbader
  47. Winter’s Fire : Giles Kristian
  48. Eagles At War : Ben Kane
  49. Rules of Honour : Matt Hilton
  50. Viking Fire : Justin Hill
  51. Term Limits : Vince Flynn
  52. The Third Reich In Power : Richard J. Evans
  53. Inauguration Day: Peter G. Pollak
  54. Ardennes 1944 : Antony Beevor
  55. White Water, Black Death : Shaun Ebelthite
  56. The Abbey of Death : Steven A. McKay
  57. The Empty Throne : Bernard Cornwell
  58. Warriors of the Storm : Bernard Cornwell
  59. Hunting The Eagles : Ben Kane
  60. The Lawless Kind : Matt Hilton
  61. The Flame Bearer : Bernard Cornwell
  62. The White Light of Tomorrow : D. Pierce Williams
  63. Field Grey : Philip Kerr
  64. Path of The Assassin : Brad Thor
  65. Wings of the Storm : Giles Kristian
  66. The Jesus Family Tomb: Simcha Jacobovici
  67. Blood and Steel : Harry Sidebottom
  68. The Nowhere Man : Gregg Hurwitz
  69. Eagles in the Storm : Ben Kane
  70. Siberian Red : Sam Eastland
  71. Glory of Rome : Douglas Jackson
  72. The Prague Fatal : Philip Kerr

Goodreads have put together a kind of infographic, I think it is called, you can see mine here.

So, my most favourite book I read this year?

Viking Fire. Justin Hill.

The one that had the biggest effect on me, was Viking Fire. Nothing other than masterclass in how to write enjoyable, powerful, and, above all, cliche-free Historical Fiction. Even if we have to wait umpteen years more for another from Justin, it’ll be worth it.



Honourable mentions to:

Field Grey.

Simply impeccable.






Mississippi Blood. Greg Iles.

If I had to recommend one series for you to read, whatever the genre, it’d be Greg Iles’ Natchez Burning. As I’ve said time and time again, for sheer jaw-on-the-floor what the FUCK superbness, this has them all beat.




The Scathing. C.R.May.

Both the nicest guy and rapidly becoming the most consistent writer of/in Historical Fiction around.





Killer of Kings. Matthew Harffy.

More than fulfilled the promise of the short story Kin of Cain, Matthew delivered in spades and then some, with this one.





The Abbey of Death. Steven A. McKay.

Another case of less is more. This short story packs so much nuance, thought, reflection and sheer story-telling power into it, that many writers can’t do over a whole series.

And, in terms of stars to pages, this would be the winner!



Whatever you read in 2017, I hope you enjoyed it. I also hope you read more enjoyable books in 2018.

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