The death of stars


After much thought and consideration – while I was having a shower this morning – I’ve decided to try not giving book reviews stars out of five, or out of any number.

It’s always hard to decide on a rating. Should it be a three or a four, or a two, or what. Then I thought, why do that at all? It’s totally arbitrary and doesn’t give any sort of real idea about the book. I know that my review follows for that sort of thing, but I’m always determined to write so the reader, that’s you, knows that the reviews are my own opinion and most likely will not be yours, I include what the publisher thinks they want to tell you about the book and I try and write my review so you can make up your own mind about if you buy the book, read the book, or not.

I began writing the reviews for my own satisfaction, trying to put random thoughts into coherent sentences, and joined Goodreads at much the same time. I used to be able to write a review there and have it automatically post on the blog. However, something a few years ago went wrong with the Goodreads cross-posting thingy and it no longer does that. Not long after, I thought why should I link to their site the whole time? Their site hasn’t had an up-date since before the old Queen died and is both dreadfully out-of-date, dreadfully slow to update and follow with the times and dreadfully American. Sorry if you are American, but there are more people in the world who are not and want to be represented. And don’t get me started on the various Groups on there…

So, as my five star ‘system’ was only because of Goodreads’ five stars, I now think; why do it? Why not no stars and concentrate minds on what I started to write the blog for, to put my thoughts out ‘there.’ Lots of other places do away with stars, I imagine they think it is too tacky and more and more I’m finding myself in agreement.

So, I’m not going to put a star rating, just the book details and my review. See how it goes. I think it’ll be an improvement. I hope you agree.

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