Review: Out of Auschwitz. The Untold Story – Stanley Goleniewski

Out Of Auschwitz Stanley GoleniewskiMy version:
Genre: Non Fiction Nazi Germany, second world war, the holocaust
First published: 2015
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The purpose of my book is to share with you and the word the tragic events which I witnessed and lived through. My experience constitutes and an unusual testimony which should not be forgotten but studied by future generations, to learn the ultimate truth about Auschwitz. I write this book to tell about my experience and what I witnessed. However, I still remember vividly, the smoke coming from the chimneys of the crematoria, the stench of burning human bodies, the hard work in rain and snow, hunger and horrendous fatigue, diseases, lice, fleas, bugs and bloody dysentery. I am the Holocaust survivor who remembers vividly the horrors of Auschwitz and Dachau concentration camps.

For the most part, this is a rememberance of the events before and during his time in a first concentration camp, and then in Auschwitz. He also recounts some of the background on the various Auschwitz camps in the complex and how they came to be.

As always for me, the other interesting parts are his memories of his younger, rural life in Poland before the Nazis – and then Soviets – invaded, before the war ‘proper’ had even begun. The way his life is described is, as you’ll find with a lot of the survivors’ accounts, very matter of fact. I have read it described as such because their ‘normal’ became (to us and the prior Holocaust them) so abnormal, that they ran out of abhorrance and ways to describe the indescribable and concentrated on their changed daily sirvival. You couldn’t and they don’t call it ‘life.’

*The picture at the top, isn’t from Auschwitz. Mainly because I haven’t been there. It is from the former concentration camp at Terezín, which the Nazis called Theresienstadt. It is now in The Czech Republic and I have been there, this is my photo.

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