Available today! The Bernicia Chronicles 5: Warrior of Woden by Matthew Harffy

Warrior of Woden Matthew HarffyWarrior of Woden, the fith installment in long-time friend of Speesh Reads, Matthew Harffy’s Bernicia Chronicles, is released, or, having read it, “unleashed” might a be better word, today!

“But the shops are closed today and tomorrow!”

Luckily, being released today, means you can buy a paperback from Amazon and if you’re quick, it’ll be with you on the 4th. Or, if you can’t wait that long, you can get it ‘sent‘ (as I believe the young people call it these days) to your Kindle or compatible Warrior of Woden Kindledevice – RIGHT NOW!

Here are the links you’ll be needing:

Amazon – Kindle
Amazon – Paperback

Then, the question is; “Is it any good?”
Well, my review will be following almost immediately, however I can…oh damn it!
Yes, it’s good. Very good – as ever from the Doctor of the Dark Ages, the Bard of Bernicia, the master of Mercia, Mr Matthew Harffy.

The Bernicia Chronicles on Speesh Reads:

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Kin of Cain Matthew Harffy


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