Happy Publication Day – C.R.May!

As above.

It’s publication day for the latest book from one of my – and (as soon as you’ve read one) soon to be your – most favouritest authors, the indomitable C.R. May.

The new book, as it says on the cover, is the beginning of a new series about Erik Haraldsson, perhaps better known to you and me as Erik Bloodaxe, the 10th century king of Norway and on a couple of occasions, Northumbria.

“Under the iron rule of Harald Fairhair, Norway has been a land at peace for half a century.

Groomed for the succession, the king’s eldest surviving son has lived the life of a Viking prince; harrying wherever his longships can reach, from the frozen forests of Bjarmaland to the rocky shores of Brittany and beyond.

But none expected Harald to live so long, and as the king enters his ninth decade his powers begin to wane.

Seizing their chance other Haraldssons move to snatch the crown for themselves, and a brother war sweeps the land as Erik fights to defend his birthright…”

So. Vikings, blood, Eriks and axes – who could ask for more to have the old appetite whetted?

You can order a copy now from Amazon

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