Are audiobooks as good for you as reading?

For me, it’s a “yes.”

Though, rather obviously, it does depend on the definition of “good” (or “bad” for that matter) you’re using.

How can books be bad? Reading is good for you, it just is.

The only thing I can think of that might make listening come second to reading, is that you’re stripping the concept of a ‘book’ back to being just the story, taking it away from words on a page. And, you are dependent on the person reading. He or she will, no matter how unintentionally, infuse their reading with their concept (and that of the director – and the author, for that matter) of how the book, the story and the characters should sound. Replacing your own internal voices and determining of the plot. A bad reading could, I’ve no doubt, ruin a good book.

Anyway, see what the ‘experts’ think (what makes a book expert? How do you define a book expert? Ridiculous) and make up your own mind here.

Or, there:


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