Robert Jordan’s ‘Wheel of Time’ TV adaptation moves closer!

I saw that it was intended for production by Amazon a while ago, and just noticed that The Hollywood Reporter is saying that it’s a GO! GO! GO!

I read the books, well began reading them, many years ago. I remember thinking the cover to the first one, The Eye of The World, looked my kind of thing and got hooked, especially as I’d read his stories in the Conan series.

I was lucky enough to meet him, at a book signing in Leeds after the paperback publication fo the fourth book, I think it was number four. He was a lovely chap, very big, ‘large,’ shall we say. I remember asking him how many more there would be, and I think he reckoned on nine-plus, as he’d got material or ideas enough for that many. He died, as you may know, leaving a couple of books unfinished. They were completed, or worked on, by Brandon Sanderson. The Wheel of Time eventually stretched out to fourteen books, with also a prequel novel and two companion books. As the books are right door-stoppers, that’s a lot of reading!

Anyway, I/we can look forward to Amazon spending the other half of their trillion Dollars – after upping their workers’ wages – on the adaptation.

You can read the article on The Hollywood Reporter’s website by clicking on the cover for the first book in the series, below

The Wheel of Time The Eye Of The World Robert Jordan

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