Netflix to develop a TV series and movies based on The Chronicles of Narnia fantasy novel series by C.S. Lewis

I got hooked on the Chronicles of Narnia world back when I was 9, and we were read a chapter from a book each afternoon at junior school (as it was called back then), just before home-time. The teacher, a man though I can’t remember his name, read us (amongst others) The Silver Chair each afternoon. I was sold! Bought and read the lot, lost them, bought them again, lost them when I left home…but I still have several very clear images from the books stuck in my head. The images I know, are from my reading of the the books, as I’ve not seen a TV version and the films…well, less said and all that. My enduring favourite was and is, The Horse and His Boy. It just had something that really has lasted in my memory. Maybe because it is the only one where the main characters are all Narnians and the whole story is set within Narnia, rather than being in our world at some point.

Anyway, now, it seems, as a kind of follow-on to the Wheel of Time news from yesterday, Netflix are going to do the same for the Narnia world. As long as they don’t make as much of a lash-up of it as the films – and that they start with The Magicians Nephew, because well, you should!

This was the cover version of The Silver Chair I first owned. Click on it to go to the article on TV Guide about Netflix and Narnia:

The Silver Chair C. S. Lewis 1

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