Book sales are soaring – Mental Floss

Hard to define ‘soaring,’ as applied to a book. However, Mental Floss think they have done it.

I have to buy my books online. I’m not really that into reading in Danish, though that is partly because I have so many English books in wait. Danish books are very expensive and English books in Denmark, are very, very, very, very expensive. So, apart from looking, I don’t normally buy from a Danish bookshop.

However, generally, it is extremely good news to find that what the publishers have been saying and ePeople have been rubbishing for a few years, seems to be true.

The Guardian also recently reported that the number of independent bookstores in the UK went up in 2018 for the first time since the advent of Amazon.

More bookstores, more books I’d say. If I lived in the UK, I’d still be bankrupt, but I’d have twice the books to show for it!

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