‘New’ ‘Narnia’ novel – maybe, maybe not

The Guardian reported yesterday:

Francis Spufford pens unauthorised Narnia novel

I don’t know any of this chap’s work, so I’ll have to go along with their ‘award-winning adult literature’ part (I think the ‘adult’ refers to that he doesn’t (usually) write books for children and not that he writes ‘too shelf’ stuff).

My favourite and the cover version I had

I read all the Narnia books as a child and early teenager and – despite tv series and truly atrocious film adaptations – the stories still have a special place in my reading memories. I can still remember our teacher (when I was nine years old), reading us The Silver Chair each afternoon just before home-time. My favourite of the series is, was and always will be A Horse And His Boy. And I will fight to the death anyone who is foolish enough to suggest that reading the series shouldn’t start with The Magician’s Nephew. All the Christian imagery, especially in the final book – pfft!

I actually someone does put the book out – they’ve got a sale here in Harlev, Denmark.

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