Britain AD: Romano-Saxon site found in eastern England

I was just the other day updating the review for Francis Pryor’s ‘Britain AD,’ where one of his main themes was showing that the Saxon ‘invaders’ weren’t invaders as we normally think of them. That there wasn’t a short period after the Roman legions left, where huge fleets sailed over from (what is now) northern Germany (Saxons) and Denmark (Angles, Jutes), and conquered The old Roman province of Britannia, driving out the locals in the process. He maintains that the ‘invasion’ was more gradual, more long-term, but still identifiable. So then this article turns up about a new find in eastern England, of a site stretching back to at least 100 BC to Romans to Saxon times. The key point, I would say, being:

We have evidence of early Saxon occupation mingled with the latest Roman remains

Archaeologist Stephen Macaulay of Oxford Archaeology East

It also shows that archaeologists in England at least, haven’t fully shifted over to BCE and CE, as period definitions.

Only a short article, but worth checking out.

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