Review: Fall And Rise. The Story Of 9/11 – Mitchell Zuckoff

My version: Hardback
Genre: Non Fiction, USA, terrorism
Harper Books
First published: 2019
ISBN: 9780062275646
Pages: 624

From the cover:
Years in the making, this spellbinding, heartbreaking, and ultimately uplifting narrative is an unforgettable portrait of 9/11.
This is a 9/11 book like no other. Masterfully weaving together multiple strands of the events in New York; at the Pentagon; and in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, Fall and Rise is a mesmerizing, minute-by-minute account of that terrible day.
In the days and months after 9/11, Mitchell Zuckoff, then a reporter for the Boston Globe, wrote about the attacks, the victims, and their families. After additional years of meticulous reporting, Zuckoff has filled Fall and Rise with voices of the lost and the saved. The result is an utterly gripping book filled with intimate stories of people most affected by the events of that sunny Tuesday in September: an out-of-work actor stuck in an elevator in the North Tower of the World Trade Center; the heroes aboard Flight 93 deciding to take action; a veteran trapped in the inferno in the Pentagon; the fire chief among the first on the scene in sleepy Shanksville; a team of firefighters racing to save an injured woman and themselves; and the men, women, and children flying across the country who suddenly faced terrorists bent on murder.
Fall and Rise will open new avenues of understanding for everyone who thinks they know the story of 9/11, bringing to life—and in some cases, bringing back to life—the extraordinary ordinary people who experienced the worst day in modern American history.

This is the most thorough – and readable – investigation of the attacks on the 11th of September, 2001. It looks at the people involved in each of the hijackings, the victims and the terrorists. Looking at how they (the terrorists) went about the capturing of the planes and how the victims prepared for just another day at work, or in their lives. After the crashes and the hijack of the failed crash, the minutes and experiences are pieced together from phone calls made, radio contacts and on the ground observations. Under way, he looks at the response of the American authorities. You can draw your own conclusions about that when you read the book, I will just say there was much head-shaking going on as I read the book. Even I had learned from previous incidents, and I have/had nothing to do with this. One can but hope that the US authorities have learned this time, but with the political situation as it is over there just now, one wonders…

I’m not even going to remotely entertain other viewpoints of the attacks. I have two, if not three cast-iron points to make if anyone is foolish enough to suggest what you all know I’m on about. The people who were killed deserve better. As the book makes crystal clear.

You can buy Fall and Rise The Story of 9/11 from The Book Depository

Photo of New York from The Atlantic

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