The Bourne Evolution arrived today

In Denmark, that is.

The Bourne Evolution in my outside table this morning

It’s written by Brian Freeman, once again, I’m ashamed to say, he is another new name to me.

I know that many people were increasingly disappointed with what Erik van Lustbader did with the series, especially in the latter stages. EvL is without doubt an excellent writer of that particular kind of American thriller – quite apart from seeming to be a nice guy with his heart in the right place if his Twitter is anything to go by.

I, generally, liked his work with Bourne, though I think time had come for a change maybe even before he decided to call it quits and move on.

Looking at the situation, I think the theme running through (especially) the first three Bourne’s that Robert Ludlum finished (he may well have left some blueprints for future developments, I don’t know), was Bourne fighting to find out who he was, who was tracking him and why. It was all very close to Bourne and was centred on Bourne and his struggles, also why the films were such a success, I’d say. EvL, went off in a James Bond-type direction, where Bourne has to save the world from a desperate, all-powerful, money-no-object, international, something-or-other. You know in the shite Bonds, which is them all up to Casino Royale (with the possible exception of Live And Let Die), where Bond has to get on to a remote island, where a madman is building an enormous machine to block out the sun and I’m there thinking “how did he get all that equipment on to that island without anyone noticing?” And “how did he recruit so many guys to run the place, all wearing the same gear and why are they fighting to the death, rather than thinking ‘fuck this! The money’s not that good and the wife and kids are wondering where I am’”?

See, ridiculous and only marginally better than the two Austin Powers movies. Which were both beyond shite.

But, I digress. If Brian Freeman can bring Bourne back closer to what was obviously Robert Ludlum’s original idea, and what made them and the films such a success, we’re on. It sure would be interesting to know if he has had a brief from the Ludlum Foundation (I’m presuming there is one), or from the designated Art Director.

You can order The Bourne Evolution from The Book Depository.

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